Sunday, October 22, 2017

Foliage Peak

Hi everyone! As promised, I'm back to share more Fall colors. This week, the foliage is at its peak. Here is a close-up of oak leaves in my backyard.

And here is a paronamic view of my backyard. Leaves keep on falling! The colorful oak tree stands out amidst the other trees that are still lusciously green.

Believe it or not, flowers are still blooming in coordinating Fall colors! Here are some pretty flowers in purple and lavender from a local farm.

One of the most beautiful things in Autumn is the way the morning sunlight enhances the colors. And that blue sky!

Here are more Fall flowers. Nature's decor is just so elegant.

And finally a view from my front yard. I hope you enjoyed Fall from my neck of the woods! xx


  1. Sure a colorful spot indeed as Fall takes seed. Although raking all those leaves...eww lol

    1. Thank you, Pat! Luckily, my husband does all the raking. :)

  2. What beautiful autumn photographs, Loredana.
    Our autumn went by pretty quickly, leaf-wise. BUT, it was very warm throughout. Most of the leaves have fallen now, but I did get some photos before they fell.

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! It's been a warm Autumn here, too. Have a great week ahead! xo


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