Monday, July 3, 2017

Times Square and Flowers

Dear friends, I hope everyone is having a great summer! It's been hot and humid here but we're also getting a lot of rain. Last week, I was riding in a taxi cab in New York City and went through Times Square! I took a picture from the cab, and it just so happened that one of the many billboards displayed an Independence Day greeting. It sure does get busy around here--look at that crowd!

Meanwhile, in nature, bees have been busy as well! I captured this bee on a pink coneflower. 

Here is a lovely white daisy.

 In my backyard, orange tiger lilies have finally bloomed.

A yellow rose symbolizing friendship!

Blue hydrangea.

A bouquet of violets.

Yellow and blue hydrangea.

Pretty in pink!
~ ~ ~
I hope you enjoyed a little stroll in the city and in nature! Have a Happy Fourth of July for those of you in the USA! And thank you to everyone who continues to follow and view my posts! xx


  1. Nature sure is in full bloom. Rain beats the drought we had last year. is there ever a time when times square isn't busy? haha

    1. Busy as a bee, Times Square will always be! :)

  2. What a beautiful series of photographs this is, Loredana!
    We are having much the same weather as you are. We had so much rain in June. It was 2 inches more that is "normal."
    I hope you are having a spectacular summer.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I hope you're having a wonderful summer, too! xx


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