Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer Guests

We had surprise visitors in our backyard this morning. Momma deer and baby fawn! Isn't it cute how the fawn is peeking from behind the tree?

The mother was staring right at at the camera, not seemingly afraid and kind of curious, don't you think? The little fawn was exploring the surroundings.

Here is one more picture as they start to wander away. Well, this was a fun encounter!

And just a couple of summer flowers. I love this pink bloom with the red barn in the background.

And my favorites--sunflowers! These are from our local farmer's market, which we go to on Saturdays. I hope you enjoyed meeting some of our friends and neighbors! Have a great weekend! xx


  1. Some great guests to come for a visit. Unless they chow down on things they shouldn't lol Fawn was a bit more cautious indeed.

    1. Haha, these were well-behaved guests. Thanks for stopping by, Pat! :)

  2. Lovely visitors you have. :) So sweet.

  3. Awwwww, Loredana, your deer are just precious.
    I know they can cause a lot of damage (yes, I know this first-hand!), but they are just one of my very favorite animals.
    We have 5 or 6 that visit us each night on a regular basis.
    One has 2 babies, and they are so adorable.
    I love your sunflowers! Ours are just beginning to bloom, but they are pretty small this year. The bees don't seem to mind though. :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

    1. Yes, I do remember your family of deer, so cute. Enjoy your sunflowers! Thank you, Lisa! xx

  4. Nice guests! Those bottom two photos are so striking!

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  6. Oh that sweet face! And the flowers so pretty!


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