Friday, May 27, 2016

Towards the Sun

I have an inspirational quote in my home office that reads:

"Turn your face to the sun and always believe that you will receive all that you need."

It seems that flowers know just how to do that. I have been watching this rhododendron in my back yard as it started out with many buds and, little by little, each one turned to the sun and bloomed.

Here it is as each bud was beginning to open up. To me, the quote also means having a positive attitude, opening up to possibilities, and trusting in the best outcome.

And this is how the bud started out. I find this transformation to be pretty amazing and so in tune with what the quote conveys. We may not always get what we want but somehow it all works out the way it's meant to be and we do get what we need indeed.
~ ~ ~
Wishing everyone
Happy Memorial Day
and beautiful beginning of Summer! xx


  1. Damn, so I don't need a million dollars? Hmph. Hope you have a great long weekend.

  2. Che piacere volgere il viso alsole insieme a te,cara Loredana! foto bellissime che fanno sentire la bellezza dell'estate in arrivo.

    1. Grazie, cara Rita! E' bello volgere in viso al sole con speranza ed amore. Abbraccio.

  3. Indeed we do.
    We would all do well to be more mindful of this one fact.
    I hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend, Loredana.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! Hope you had a wonderful long weekend as well.

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