Sunday, May 1, 2016

Flowering Trees

Happy May!

When we first moved into our new home last June, most trees had already leafed out into beautiful shades of deep green.

I was pleasantly surprised this Spring to discover that a few of our trees in the front and back yard had flowered with pretty white blooms.

I took these pictures yesterday on a partly cloudy day but the sky was a clear blue. I love the way the white blooms look amidst these vivid colors. I later learned these are dogwood trees.

In other news, I was busy in April writing 30 creative writing pieces in 30 days to celebrate National Poetry Month. If you're interested in more of my creative writing and black and white photography, you can find my original work at my new blog, Magic of Words.

Enjoy and have a wonderful week ahead! xx


  1. Looks like a great view in your yard indeed as the trees take seed.

  2. Simply lovely!!!

    Happy May!

    Happy Beltane!


  3. Those trees are beautiful..Happy May Day!

  4. I love those trees with the backdrop of the beautiful blue sky...

  5. It looks like you are having a beautiful spring, Loredana!
    Here in Central NY, we are in stalled mode.
    Sure hope spring arrive soon, or we will miss it altogether, and move right into summer.

    Wishing you a beautiful day, my friend.

  6. Benvenuto Maggio... un cielo nitido e degli alberi infiorati. Belle foto
    Un bacione a presto!

  7. Splendida meraviglia!
    Un abbraccio da Beatris


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