Saturday, May 14, 2016

After the Rain

after the rain
Spring colors burst into
a rainbow of vivid hues

the coolness of indigo-blue
the warmth of yellow-orange
blending harmoniously

bleeding hearts heal
with each raindrop, falling
in love again


We've  had quite a bit of rain this Spring so far but afterwards everything looks so refreshed and colorful. I took these pictures of pansies and bleeding hearts blooming in our yard and had fun creating digital art. The poem can be taken literally, but it's also a metaphor for healing. Enjoy and have a great week ahead! xx


  1. Spring colors burst into
    a rainbow of vivid hues

    The rain perhaps has a hand in washing them clean that colors should rush out to show themselves. Truly said Loredana!


  2. Sure much does grow and put on a show. We've had plenty of rain also.

  3. These are just beautiful, Loredana.
    Those pansies look like beautiful jewels.
    Happy Sunday to you, my friend!

  4. Lovely in word and if we could get past the latest freeze warning I can breath again.

  5. aw...this is spectacular Loredana....

  6. Sembrano dei dipinti... la bellezza della natura!
    Ciao Loredana...un abbraccio!

  7. Teneri fiori di luce e colori, un inno alla primavera!
    Buona giornata da Beatris

  8. We have had a lot of rain here in Bavaria recently as well...and I love how rich in color everything becomes afterwards :)

  9. Cara Loredana,la vita prosegue fioritura e la mietitura fanno parte del grande ciclo,non ci sono domande o risposte....resta l'amore con cui possiamo continuare a vivere. Un abbraccio affettuoso,Rita.


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