Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Beginnings

Dear friends, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and happy beginning of Spring! My blog has a new look. I updated the template and color scheme and decided to go with a simple white background so it's easier to read. I can post larger photographs now, and I like the way everything is framed nicely within a box.

I also switched my Blogger profile to my Google+ profile and added my Google+ friends on the sidebar here along with my Blogger friends. You can still easily find me by clicking on my profile and going to my blog link, Blogging Away. Thank you to all of you loyal followers who have been visiting, reading, and commenting. I do appreciate the support!

Last, but not least, I wanted to let you know that I have started a new blog that features my creative writing only (with occasional black and white photography). It's called Magic of Words and I've been having fun creating it! I have added the link on the sidebar here to be easily found. It includes a wide range of my writing from poetry to prose. I hope those of you who enjoy my writing will check it out. Some of my loyal blogging friends have already visited and been most supportive. Thanks, friends!

I will continue to blog here but the focus will be on what this blog was originally about--blogging away! I will share more of my personal life journey and continue to include poetry and photography as the muse inspires. Here is a picture I took in New York City (actually last year) of tulips in bloom with the Empire State Building in the background. I re-edited it and thought it was worth showing again at this beautiful time of the year. Enjoy and thank you again for your support! xx


  1. Now that is a photo I wish I had taken! I will be sure to sign up "follow by email" with your other blog if you have it on the side bar! :) Happy Easter

  2. Grazie per i tuoi post e a rileggerti

  3. Lots on the go. Nice new set up indeed at your feed. Two blogs sure can be interesting to run. I only post once a week on my other one.

  4. I love having 2 places to visit you, my friend!! :-)
    Love these tulips too. What a beautiful color.

  5. Nice new look to the blog. - Also the Tulips and Empire State building is a wonderful spring photo.

  6. Definitely worth showing again, this photo is magic !


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