Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Meet Maggie, a beautiful Golden Retriever that belongs to my in-laws but I pet-sit her often. She smiles all the time and is truly a sweet dog. Today we went for a long walk on a sunny day though it's still a bit chilly in early March. But she didn't mind as she loves being outdoors (and so do I). Walking the dog is also a great way to get some healthy exercise! 

Maggie loves to play fetch in the back yard. Here she is with her prized possession, her favorite toy that I toss around and she catches swiftly. She's a retriever for sure! She takes this game seriously, doesn't she? What an intense look! We had so much fun.

After playing hard, she loves to rest on the couch on her favorite flannel sheet which used to belong to my husband when he was a child. What a sweet life, don't you think?

Life is too busy sometimes that we forget what's important.

So this week I'm taking a few days off, and I'm spending some precious time with family and our sweet Maggie who reminds us that love is completely unconditional. xx


  1. Always good to stop and smell the roses indeed, or stop and throw a frisbee for a happy pup.

  2. She is just precious, Loredana.
    That little face melts my heart.

  3. Hello, Maggie is a sweet dog. Pretty photos, she looks like she is smiling. I miss my Golden! Have a happy day!

  4. Meraviglioso reportage. Amo follemente i cani

  5. Maggie is precious! My cat is named Maggie :) I have two doggy companions sleeping at my feet right now. Pets bring so much joy to our lives. Take care and enjoy your time with family. xx Karen

  6. I just got back from sending a couple of weeks with family....hope you enjoyed your days!

  7. We have a lovely "Grand Dog" named "Maggie"! She is a black Lab and a perfect sweetheart.

    She now shares our son/and family's home, with a puppy. A 100 pound already Swill Mountain Dog named "Clara".

    "Clara" is a big cutie, but my heart belongs to older "Maggie."

    Gentle hugs,


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