Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sweet Sentiments

My dear friends, Happy Valentine's Day. May there always be love in your life! I just wanted to share some festive photos with you. This afternoon, my husband and I went to a lovely Valentine's Day brunch hosted by my mom-in-law. She's a great gourmet cook and I had fun helping her decorate. I'm not a food photographer, but I couldn't resist taking pictures of some of my favorite goodies! I brought cute heart-shaped cookies from a local bakery and she made all the rest ...

a healthy yogurt parfait topped with granola ...

delicious crostini with cheese spread and strawberries ...

crepes oh so sweet  ...

a gorgeous vase of roses ...

and here is one for you! xx


  1. Buona giornata degli amici come è in America e buona giornata degli innamorati come è in Italia. Un abbraccio affettuoso.Con tutte queste bellissime buonezze il tuo Valentine day diventa un momento fantastico di affetto condiviso,anche con noi che ti seguiamo.

  2. She sure went all out indeed. But you enjoyed her feed.

  3. aw...thanks for the treat Loredana :)

  4. Oh such yummy goodies made with love!

  5. I'll take one (or two!!) of each!
    Everything looks so yummy, Loredana, and I think you have photographed it beautifully.

    I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, my friend, and I wish you a great week ahead.


  6. Oh, these are all deliciously lovely, Loredana! How nice of your MIl to treat you! Now I am very hungry.....The roses are gorgeous. So glad that you had a lovely Valentine's Day. xx Karen

  7. It looks like you had a sweet valentine's day!

  8. My mouth is watering...I'm sure this was a lovely day !

  9. Oh my, all those goodies, while I'm trying to stay away from chocolate (9PM here). Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!


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