Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Taste of Fall

This is what Fall looks like so far in my neck of the woods. My husband and I went to a pumpkin patch and picked up our first pumpkin of the season, which is on our front stoop.

Yellow mums and orange daisies are some of my favorite Fall flowers. I planted them in a terracotta container. I love these bright and cheerful Fall colors ~ they make me smile.

It's been raining for the past few days and lots of leaves have been falling. I like the color and shape of these leaves against the textured concrete on my front stoop.

Acorns have also been falling from oak trees in our yard. I'm going to gather some of the acorns and put them in a basket to make a pretty Fall decoration for our dining room table.

The woods in our back yard are covered with leaves, but there is still some green in the landscape. I look forward to watching the leaves turn even more colorful as we reach Autumn's peak. I hope you enjoy these photographs and have a great weekend! xx


  1. Great photos, greetings to you!

  2. When I was driving home on Friday I noticed the change in the color of the leaves. it had been so green up til now. Its like it just changed over night. Way too early for pumpkins. Our would def rot. Lol. We got pounded with rain here of late.

  3. Colorful as can be there at your sea. Better grab the acorns before the squirrels do haha

  4. Fall is looking good in your neck of the woods. - That last shot is so pretty.

  5. Love your photos +Loredana Donavon your fall is way ahead of mine here in NC, beautiful share :)

  6. Come non amare l'autunno che porta colori e bacche ed un senso di rallentamento , belle le tue foto che testimoniano l'avanzare della stagione. Qui a Milano abbiamo un po di caldo fuori stagione, e ce lo godiamo :-)) Ti auguro un buon weekend.


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