Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Perfect Summer Day

you are to me like a perfect summer day
your smile is sunshine that warms my heart

your love nourishes me, refreshes me
like spring water from a garden's fountain

you cheer me up like a meadow of yellow blooms
below a sky as blue as your eyes

even the clouds are beautiful
you are a refrain from impending rain

you are my refuge from life's burdens
my rock, my strength

Dear friends, I hope you're enjoying the summer! This poem was inspired by a visit to a public garden in New York near my home. It featured a beautiful fountain as a center focal point.

The lawn was beautifully manicured with splashes of bright colors and yellow blooms.

Here is a close-up of the cheerful yellow blooms. I do love a perfect summer day!

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  1. No one could ask for more! Smiles.

  2. This is lovely!! So often a beautiful place such as this inspires a poem out of us :D
    Love the pictures too :D

  3. Gorgeous . Love the bright colors. I thought you were talking about someone too so I was thinking how endearing a sentiment

  4. What a lovely summer poem dotted by your beautiful and colorful pictures ~

  5. Sure a nice spot to take in the day and enjoy the sun on a sunny day

  6. A perfect summer.. what more can we wish for.. We are having wonderful summer finally.. and I can sit on the balcony reading poetry.

  7. What a beautiful garden, Loredana, and what a beautiful fountain that is.
    Thank you for sharing your words with these wonderful images.
    Have a great week ahead, my friend!

  8. Beautiful! I especially love "you are a refrain from impending rain."

  9. Bello!!!...Ho nostalgìa delle belle giornate sono state e torneranno.
    Questa è l'estate più difficile della mia vita,cara Loredana.
    Spero tanto nella guarigione di mio marito e sto lavorando tanto,tutto intorno a questo.
    Un grande abbraccio,Rita.

  10. Each line bolsters me and fills me with such happiness...well done Loredana...your poem beautifully espouses the bright yellow happiness you saw.

  11. Love certainly makes us lyrical and and your words are poetic indeed.

  12. I like how this can be read on different levels. It works well for a place or a special loved one. Great photos too!

  13. "you are a refrain from impending rain"--that's lovely and the photos are gorgeous!

  14. every word is sunshine here Loredana, so are the yellow blooms...reading your lines is a pleasure....

  15. This is a very beautiful poem full of love and sunshine.
    And the flowers in the pictures have an amazing color!
    I hope you are doing well.
    Sending lots of hugs to you,

  16. A person to be a garden refuge is a great thing.

  17. You are blessed to be able to put such beauty and peace into lyrics. Have a great day !

  18. Beautiful place to have to visit...

  19. Beautiful flowers and words. It's good to stop by and visit again Loredana! Hugs from me to you, G

    PS: I also shared a bunch of fav flower pics this week at my blog. Last chance before summer's end.


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