Saturday, July 11, 2015

Rising & Falling

a part of me is still that child full of wonder-
my eyes as open wide as skies and rivers

taking my first steps towards you, faltering-
hoping you would welcome me into your arms

to walk beside me, accept me-
guide me, love me unconditionally

through the rustling of golden leaves
in ever changing Autumn, the inevitable

storms of unpredictable Winter, the return
of blossoms in Spring's renewal

the colors of unforgettable Summer-
through it all, will you catch me if I fall?

This poem was inspired by a tree falling in our yard this weekend. We had a powerful storm with strong winds the night before, and we discovered the fallen tree in the morning. The fallen tree is not pictured here, but instead I decided to take a photo of the rest of the trees rising towards the sky and a tiger lily in bloom. Enjoy my poem and photos! xx
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  1. Love is a wonderful gamble. And if after years of being in love you can still feel those falling feelings, its a wonderful thing. Funny that this came from a tree falling. Lovely tiger lily.

  2. does hold....a beautiful poem :)

  3. I love how effectively you have used metaphor and seasons...the cutting down of trees never feels right..a loss..but hopefully with every loss something new has room to grow

  4. When we love.. our expectations are just as pure & innocent as that of a child.
    Beautiful poem :)

  5. We have to look at every season with the eyes of wonder! I love the last stanza and the 'will you catch me as I fall?' made me smile!

  6. To really run with the wind, we need the summer stillness..we have sound of bumblebees right now.

  7. Each season brings with it some wonder, what a tree falling can do, besides making a mess to clean up lol

  8. Pretty poem! I am sorry about the tree falling, I hope your house was safe! Have a great day, enjoy your new week!

    1. Hi Eileen! Thank you for your concern ~ the house is safe as the tree fell on the side yard. It is still sad to see a tree fall, but it will be handled with care. :)

  9. Something everyone is looking for at some level I think- someone to catch them when they fall...

  10. I feel sad when I see a tree falls ~ Good to see you Loredana ~

  11. It seems the fallen tree has whispered it's last song and you heard her cry...

  12. Oh, how much is symbolized in the learning of a child, in the fall of a tree. I would hope, yes, I would hope we will aid each other in faltering forward, in blooming, in breathing our last and in resurrection as well. Beautiful poem

  13. Your setting is so magical, your poem imbued with its beauty. I especially love your question "will you catch me if I fall?" I suspect the answer is yes!

  14. it is wonderful how a falling tree can inspire such a lovely poem

  15. Lovely Loredana...I feel the undertone of your new adventure and embarking on a path, trusting .....

    'taking my first steps towards you, faltering-
    hoping you would welcome me into your arms'

  16. How valuable it is to witness the circle of life both in our own lives and in nature all around us. As sad at the falling tree is there is now room for others living things to grow and bloom and have lives of their own.

  17. A lovely poem. I have been thinking lately of trying some one-sentence poems, and here you have done it beautifully to show me how! :-)

  18. Love the photos and the poem. Wonderfully written. It makes me think of a father catching his daughter, no matter what.
    I hope you are doing well!
    Lots of hugs to you,

  19. I thought that was a lovely read.

  20. Oh this one pulls the nostalgia strings.

  21. The opening couplet was the one I liked the most. A lovely poem, though I'd be scared if a tree fell that close.


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