Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chasing Rainbows

If I could
take away your tears
I would give them up to the sky
transform them into healing rain
to fall on you, each drop
a blessing to soften sorrow

If I could
take away your scars
I would give them up to the sky
transform them into sparkling stars
to fall on you, each beam
a blessing to brighten darkness

If I could
take away your doubts
I would give them up to the sky
transform them into curving rainbows
to fall on you, each color
a blessing to restore hope

My dear friends, this poem was inspired by a rainbow sighting earlier this week you can see in my first picture. It's amazing how rainbows form as it's raining! The second picture is in New York City, after a rainy day, I love the light and reflections in the skyscrapers across the bridge. This was taken near Grand Central Station at Pershing Square. I hope you enjoy my poem and street photography. Happy weekend! xx

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Saturday, July 18, 2015


you looked at me with curious eyes
wondering who i was, looking back at you
with the same curiosity and wonder

a new visitor and friend in the making
harmonious with your surroundings
unafraid, uninhibited, unbound

agile and free, grazing on the grass
moving about gently and with grace
you made my morning a little brighter

a little more hopeful that such a bond
is possible within humanity, too
that such peace can be achieved

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Hi everyone! This morning I had a visitor in my back yard -- a beautiful deer grazing on the grass. She looked right at me through the patio glass door, probably curious as who this new person in the house was. Maybe she was trying to get to know me. I immediately grabbed my camera but didn't want to go outside for fear she would run away scared. So I took a picture through the patio glass door and then turned it into abstract digital art. I loved the way she blended in with nature in perfect harmony with her surroundings. If only the rest of the world could be at peace like this -- so simply, so wonderfully!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Rising & Falling

a part of me is still that child full of wonder-
my eyes as open wide as skies and rivers

taking my first steps towards you, faltering-
hoping you would welcome me into your arms

to walk beside me, accept me-
guide me, love me unconditionally

through the rustling of golden leaves
in ever changing Autumn, the inevitable

storms of unpredictable Winter, the return
of blossoms in Spring's renewal

the colors of unforgettable Summer-
through it all, will you catch me if I fall?

This poem was inspired by a tree falling in our yard this weekend. We had a powerful storm with strong winds the night before, and we discovered the fallen tree in the morning. The fallen tree is not pictured here, but instead I decided to take a photo of the rest of the trees rising towards the sky and a tiger lily in bloom. Enjoy my poem and photos! xx
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Welcome Home

after a hard day's work, a refuge
from the rest of the world-
tiger lilies and you

all is quiet on a woodsy path- 
but for rustling leaves
and a bird's song

a flower is born in the sky
and so am I, alive and thriving
amidst greens and blues

deeply rooted among rocks-
looking upward, the climb is hard
but how worth is the view

geraniums will grow again
in the sunshine, with a little love
a little hope and a lot of gratitude
~ ~ ~
Hi everyone! As I mentioned in my previous post, my husband and I moved to a new home in the countryside of New York. I'm sharing today some pictures from my backyard and accompanying haiku. We have a weathered wooden bench where tiger lilies have bloomed next to it. A little path leads into the woods where pink rhododendron have blossomed. There are rocks up the hill and lots of trees and everything is green and luscious now as we've had quite a bit of rain. I planted geraniums in a terracotta pot and I'm patiently waiting for them to bloom. I hope you enjoy my poetry and photos and I wish you all a Happy Fourth of July weekend! xx
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