Friday, January 30, 2015

Opening New Doors

come on, let's see what lies
   beyond the open door
venturing into the unknown
   taking a


   of faith

no longer stuck in the past
   at last, trying something grand

not just merely surviving, but
   living to the fullest, thriving

unlock your heart
   let love in-
sweet surprises await
around the corner

stepping out
of the comfort zone
of yourself
a brave new world

~ ~ ~
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~ ~ ~

Yesterday, I was trying to come up with an idea for my weekend post. As I stepped into Grand Central Station to catch my train home, I decided to take pictures of the Grand Central Market, which looks very festive with Valentine's goodies at the moment. The first picture shows the doors of the market overlooking Lexington Avenue. As I was taking the photograph, one door closed and another one opened. And voila', that's how I got the idea for the poem! Inspiration is everywhere, don't you think? And speaking of being inspired, I want to take a moment to thank my blogger friend Athira who blogs at It's Raining Words for giving me "The Very Inspiring Blogger Award." Thanks, Athira! Have an extra sweet weekend, everyone! xx


  1. It's so enlightening to see how you get inspiration, Loredana! This poem inspires me to keep my heart open and look for opportunities to take a leap of faith and try new things! Hope things warm up for you soon, although the snow must be so pretty! Hugs xo Karen

  2. A little inspiration can come from anywhere, we just have to look. Stepping outside our comfort zone is a good way to learn too.

  3. when we step through that door
    we take a risk...but to stay inside
    we surely squelch life....

  4. I think its just a matter of opening our eyes and appreciating all the world has to offer ~

    Stepping outside the comfort zone is one way to do it ~

  5. I love these images, Loredana, and they are so perfect for your words this week.
    Wishing you a wonderful (and warm!) weekend.

  6. Inspiration IS everywhere, and you used it to great effect here. I love this poem because I love the thought of taking a leap of faith. The best things in life happen when we step outside of our comfort zone :)

  7. So right... I need to remember that... Inspiration is everywhere

  8. One small step indeed...can open up a whole new world..inspiring write..and brave move!

  9. Doors opening and closing are the basis for my favorite imagery and symbols, and you touch on that here. Fine picture.

  10. I like your notes of how you came up with the idea for the poem almost as much as the poem itself.. I find it wondrous how poets can find their inspiration almost in anything.. this was gave a most lovely result.

  11. I like the message of your poem, Loredana. Taking a leap of faith may be hard, but it is rewarding!

    Do you, by any chance, have any photos you can share with the pantry? Email me if you do.

  12. I enjoyed the positive tone of your poem, the invitation to experience something new. I also like how you framed your poem with the two great photos.

  13. Fabulous one door closes indeed another opens for us .....we just have to look and let go.

  14. That is a very uplifting & encouraging poem to read this morning. Just exactly what I needed to start my Monday right. Thank you! And congratz for the award.. smiles.

    - ksm

  15. I too like the message here--stepping outside the comfort zone can be a wonderful thing

  16. We should all try that leap of faith.

  17. I LOVE Grand Central, with all its history and mood. Thank you for sharing the images. And I truly appreciate the encouraging, "dareya" message of your poem. We so often benefit from taking the leap, running the risk.

  18. "Unlock your heart. Let love in." The secret to being all that one can be. Loved this!

  19. Cara Loredana,quante porte nella vita si sono aperte e vuole coraggio e fantasia per continuare ad attraversare leporte e le giornate,alla grande, guardando fiori e colori,sfiorando sentimenti belli nonostante tutto quello che bello non è....però è perchè tante persone sono come te che la terra continua ad essere un bel posto dove vivere.Un abbraccio e congratulazioni per come con immagini e parole trascini intense emozioni e profondi pensieri con grazia e lievità di stile.Rita.

  20. That is just what stretching ourselves feels like.

  21. This poem is full of the energy, the possibility of love, of a new adventure. I love it.

  22. The biggest inspiration lies in the little things, right? :) I really love this poem so much. I love the positivity about letting new things happen :)
    Have an amazing weekend!


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