Saturday, October 18, 2014

a misty autumn afternoon

even a cloudy day in October
comes to life with vibrant colors
as leaves fall like rain from the sky

who knew raindrops could be
golden, amber, crimson, landing
gently, returning to earth, one by one

can you hear the rustling, crunching
beneath your feet, can you see sunrays
at last breaking through the fog?

across the tree tops, remnant of green
memories of summer still close
to the heart, learning to let go

a path leading deeper into the woods
where all is quiet with the bliss
of solitude, away from the frenzy

there is no rush here, no rush at all
nowhere to go in particular
but just be and take it all in

the fresh air, embracing change
with open arms, as you catch
a fragile leaf onto your palm

I spent some time this afternoon walking through the woods, which I find to be meditative and relaxing, away from the stress of everyday life. It seems that life is always so fast paced and filled with constant change, but there are times when I just want to be and not rush around so much. Even in the midst of Autumn changes, nature is still peaceful and graceful, yet moving forward. I can definitely learn from that gracefulness, as I move forward in my own life. Hope you're enjoying the beauty of Autumn and all it can teach us about patience!
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Saturday, October 11, 2014

meet me at the mountain top

meet me at the mountain top where dreams come true
we've come this far -- don't look back now
the climbing is hard but oh how worth is the view
can you touch the sky -- don't give up now
colors have changed and so have you
bold as hills, fluid as rivers -- don't lose hope now
the climbing is hard but oh how worth is the view
meet me at the mountain top where dreams come true

This is Bear Mountain in NY overlooking the Hudson River. The scenic view is beautiful especially now in the Fall with the foliage changing colors. I took these photographs from a designated area on a curvy road at the top of the hill where people can stop and admire the view. I have never gone mountain climbing but the view is certainly inspiring as a metaphor to strive to achieve our dreams. I hope it inspires you, too! 
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn Reflections

there is a certain comfort in knowing
you are here to share with me
even the simple pleasures-
the ordinary becomes extraordinary
when seen through the eyes of love

let's celebrate everyday beauty
the colors and flavors of Autumn-
the foliage is turning deep golden & crimson
and we are changing, growing
still falling
still falling

freshly picked apples in the morning light
basketful of bounty, plenty of smiles
cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar
and more sweetness-
apple pie crust

oh, maybe a little too crispy
but I'm learning to smooth the rough edges
go with the flow, face the sun-
be patient like the apple tree
for the fruits of my labor to manifest

and we like it just the same
this messy apple pie
called life-
perfect in its imperfections
baked with unconditional love

Hello, dear friends! I hope you're enjoying the beauty of Autumn. We went apple picking last weekend on a farm in the New York countryside. It was a beautiful sunny day and the fields of apple trees were amazing with such a great variety of green and red apples. We picked so many apples that we gave some away to friends. I also made an attempt at baking my first apple pie. Not bad for a first try, but I need to practice some more! Well, I still have plenty of apples. Enjoy my poem and photographs inspired by this lovely Fall outing. Happy Autumn!
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