Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happiness Within

it's not tangible
nor can it be measured
by what is grasped in the confines
of the mind, for it extends,
expands by the openness of the heart

a defining moment
on a summer afternoon
before the leaves start changing
too soon, basking in all that's green
and the last of the blooms

it's here, right now
for the taking, the making
not in the what if's and if only's
but in the quiet acceptance
of what is

What a glorious summer afternoon by the lake ~ all is still green and in bloom and bees are happily buzzing around. Enjoy my poem and photos and have a great weekend! xx
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Friday, August 15, 2014

let it flow

love is a river
flowing into the ocean
of hopeful hearts

oh, how it ripples
waves of happiness
along the way

washing away fragments
of the past, purifying
the present moment

its rocky currents
smoothed by
streams of understanding

let it flow
until it cleanses
the stains of hate

These are pictures I took by the Hudson River in Piermont, New York, a lovely river town. I'm fascinated by the romanticism and symbolism of rivers. So I was inspired to write this poem. Let love flow! We need it desperately in such troubled times around the world.

Have a peaceful weekend, flowing with love! xx
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Friday, August 8, 2014

The Joys of Summer

I wish I could take the flavors & colors
of summer and bottle them up in a fancy
perfume vessel to spray on a rainy day

to fill the air with the songs of hummingbirds
the freedom of kites & butterflies into the wind
the scent of sunflowers and freshly cut grass

the taste of chocolate ice cream, strawberries
sunshine & picnics, the whimsy of sand castles
the quiet strength of early morning light

the wonderment in a child's innocent eyes 
and best of all, your smile, your tender words
because this fleeting moment is all I have

I long to capture it, treasure it forever
sprinkle a little happiness in this world
where what matters most is often forgotten

Hello dear friends, I hope everyone is having a lovely summer! I haven't posted on my blog in a while but I've actually been writing a lot of poetry on my Google+ page and developing a site there. If you're on Google+ you can read my poems and see more of my photographs at  Loredana Donovan Google+ Posts. I will still post on my blog and continue to visit you as I enjoy the friendships I've made over the past couple of years with such wonderful fellow bloggers. Wishing everyone a great weekend! xx
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