Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Friend Zone

It was a beautiful Spring day in the city. Trees in the park were in bloom, showing off their best colors, a welcome relief to the grayness of steel and concrete. He met her for lunch at the usual spot, an outdoor picnic table near a garden she loved. Her eyes were the color of irises just like Van Gogh would have painted them, and he noticed a sparkle, more so than ever. This was the day he was going to let her know how he felt about her, that his friendship had grown into love. The sparkle in her eyes encouraged him, and he was about to blurt it all out, putting his fears of rejection aside. And then she said, "I have incredible news and couldn't wait to tell you today. I got engaged last night!"

his heart collapsed twice
like the Twin Towers, turning
love into ashes

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring Flame

oh, Spring
sometimes, you are
as unpredictable as
unrequited love-
i want your warm
but you shower me
with the bleakness
of rain,
you leave me
under a gray sky,
while i long for
color bursting,
a flame burning-
you sing your song
to another tree,
while i stand
under the one
that attracts lightning

It has been raining for what seems like forever. I love the rain but I miss the warmth of the sun. We had a very long and cold Winter and now Spring teases me with its up and down moods! I took these pictures when the sun was out. The first is a macro of tulips--doesn't it look like a flame? And the second is grape hyacinths--I like the combination of these hot and cool colors. Oh, the weather is as unpredictable as love! Smiles. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend, hopefully with sunshine! xx
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sun Kissed

i love the way you catch sunlight
as if you were illuminated from within
you carry this torch inside
its fire never extinguished
in my eyes, you do not falter
your delicate strength
the blush of your cheeks
i will always remember
the times you lifted me up
when the sun was hidden from sight
you gave me life and to this day
you keep on giving
in your eyes, i will always be
that little girl, your child
whose forehead you kissed at night
you carried me into my dreams
and now i am the one to hold
your fragile hand
in my eyes, you will never wither

My poem and my sunlit tulips are dedicated to my wonderful mom. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and Happy Mother's Day on Sunday and always! xx
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