Wednesday, April 16, 2014

at last ...

i waited so long for everything
to unfold as it should

leaving no stone unturned

for the right time to stop asking why
and start saying

to soar into the sky
no longer fearing
it would only last as long as
Spring blooms

to know the difference
between love that burns out
and love that keeps on burning

and now this flame is still ablaze
within me, between us

i waited so long for this
rebirth of hope
of what is holy and sacred-
this bond
that sprouts from the earth
and carries us to the heavens

we have risen in love

Spring has sprung even in New York City! The tulips in my first photo seem as tall as the Empire State Building, don't you think? Daffodils are also blooming everywhere.

I also found a big Easter egg! I wonder if there is a surprise inside? Smiles. There are many colorful egg sculptures like this all around the city. So fun! I'm sharing my poem and post with Poets United for the "Midweek Motif on Holy Days and Holidays."

Happy Holidays to all! xx


  1. ha what a cool find on the egg....welcome back
    oo la, that is def a holy experience i could believe in
    love....def has the power to resurrect us...

  2. Amen! I agree with Brian. You've shaped your words so beautifully into in-spiration that I could feel the resurrection. No doubt that "risen in love" is holy. I love
    "for the right time to stop asking why
    and start saying
    The feeling of surrender.

  3. "and love that keeps on burning"...i love this line...and thank you for sharing the colorful fun that egg :)

  4. Those tulips are lovely! We don't have them yet in the garden, only in shops. But soon, probably, they'll show up here as well.

  5. wonderful flowers! Easter egg drawing looks good and colorful!

  6. Cara Loredana, felice Pasqua a New York decorata di uova e tulipani!!!
    I tuoi versi sempre splendidi,sono intensi e appassionati sui temi della vita e sul destino che lega gli incontri dopo che sono avvenuti.
    Un abbraccio affettuoso,Rita.

  7. Lovely poem and flowers. Have a great day and Happy Easter!

  8. wonderful and love filled. gracias for sharing. have a lovely day, mi amiga

  9. Les fleurs sont en vacances,
    elles sont allées visiter la ville.

    J'aimerai bien connaitre la poule qui pond des œufs comme ça
    Chez moi les oeufs ne sont pas comme pareils
    je me suis surement trompé de poule
    j'aurai du prendre des poules artiste...

    Amicalement Pascal

  10. My goodness, that egg is wonderful, Loredana!!
    I wish you a beautiful spring, and a joy-filled holiday, my friend. xo.

  11. A real celebration in words and image..Happy Easter to you!

  12. We have the dafs but are still waiting on tulips.

  13. beautiful in words as well as the pretty flowers

  14. New growth can sure be a sight to see, hmmm bring the egg to me, I'll smash it and see what is inside

  15. Wonderful photos and a hopeful affirming poem. Wonderful when you find the kind of love that keeps on burning. I love the rising in love.

  16. Oh, those flowers are so beautiful I can't wait until spring blossoms out in my area.

  17. Your poem is wonderful too. I just read it a second time.

  18. Hi, I'm visiting from Poets United. Lovely poem and loved the beautiful images of spring.

  19. Thanks a bunch Loredana...i really didn't know to link the specific poem and i had to combine 2 to 3 prompts in 1...what a tax-relief.. :)..hope i can link it the right way...

  20. That is a great picture, Loredana, with the Empire State building in the background. Yes, flowers seem almost as tall. And lovely poem.
    Happy Holidays.
    Silvia @

  21. Beautiful poem and pictures! Happy Holidays to you, too!

  22. Oh fabulous spring that egg too!! And a wonderful uplifting poem.

  23. Bellissima come sempre la tua poesia, e splendidi immagini allegri di Pasqua. Spero che hai passato una bella vacanza.

  24. Lovely poetry, pretty flowers and a cool looking egg.

  25. Love the tulips in the foreground of the city.

  26. Beautiful shots...much joyfulness in your poem and photos!

  27. loved the bit about love burning out and love that keeps on burning. such a lovey poem of hope and joy! great writing!

    stacy lynn mar

  28. Awesome Pictures! You always have the perfect flow of words. Take care:) Chris


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