Tuesday, March 25, 2014

City Streets: Colors

as i walk down the street,
i take on the colors of the city

pieces of art//heart between glass 
sharp edges and soft curves
hues for myriad moods

reflections of people, cars, buildings
pass by me at incredible velocity,
and i see the paradox
between the pretty and gritty

the mannequin in the window
in a yellow sundress-
eyes, vacant and indifferent;
and the homeless pregnant woman
holding a sign: I'm hungry

i want to give her food, shelter
a yellow sundress just like that
to wear in a backyard of her own,
sipping fresh lemonade-
holding a healthy baby in her arms

It's been a while since I posted a poem on my City Streets series. It's actually been too cold to take pictures, but today I ventured out despite freezing temperatures to search for colors in the city. I found abstract art in the Flatiron building, and colorful display windows of summer fashions on 5th Avenue. All of this, in sharp contrast to a homeless woman I came across on the street. I don't take pictures of the homeless to respect their privacy, but I wanted to capture what I felt and wished for her in my poem.

This is posted for dVerse where we are challenged to write a poem about colors.
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  1. I can see the paradox between the lovely colourful scenery and the homeless pregnant woman ~ How sad to see specially when the weather is so cold outside ~

    Lovely pictures as well, colourful & vibrant ~

  2. i love the heart in this...the wanting to care for the homeless woman, to give her dignity of the dress...and the future to hope for...that is beautiful...that is the real color for me...

    thanks for the pics as well

  3. Has to be awful indeed, maybe a good turn shall come for her. Captured the colors indeed at your feed

  4. Though life is full of colours but for some there are none. Here in our part of the world summer is knocking.

  5. I don't take pictures of the homeless
    to respect their privacy, but I wanted
    to capture what I felt and wished for her

    There are those unfortunates and deprived so often neglected and even shunned by society. One tries to make it easier for them in our own little ways. Wonderful take and great pics Loredana!


  6. i love your heart in this and wish you could've given the dress and some hope to that woman in the street... i find it tough to digest the contrasts between extreme wealth and extreme poverty...

  7. The contrast between the glitz of the manequin and the lack of color in the homeless woman... But for many they are just as invisible... To walk the street and see such contrasts can be painful...

  8. the lifeless mannequin flaunting color and the woman with child living in darkness......
    the stark contrast may be the signature of city life? and the warmth in the poet's heart is deeply felt....

  9. The contrast you have painted with your words and photos is very touching and heart felt. It brings out strong emotions...So sad. xo Karen

  10. So very sad and poignant - now I will be thinking of this woman all day, and that's a good thing. Thank you for giving her a voice.

  11. I like the idea of taking on the colors of the city street as you walk down the street. Ha, the woman in the summer dress does look a bit out of place on these cold still-wintery days, doesn't she? What a contrast between the mannequin and the homeless pregnant woman. Well penned, Loredana.

  12. Strong writing--a lifeless mannequin is better clothed than the woman outside the display window. How can we just pass this by? Just yesterday I watched a documentary (Civil Indigent) about a Gainesville FL activist named Pat Fitzpatrick, and the work he has done to challenge the city council to care for the city's poor. Anyway, this is excellent work, thanks for putting this into poetry for us!

  13. I like those paintings, was that some exhibition?

    1. Yes, the Flatiron building in New York City always has an art exhibition on the main floor that can be seen through the windows as you walk by.

  14. Nice poem, I have that thoughts too, there are more and more poor people on the streets every day, and at the same time there are more and more extremely expensive shops. The difference between rich and poor is bigger every day :(

  15. I enjoyed your chameleon poem, Loredana! The image of the pregnant homeless woman is striking and we can only hope she finds some way out of her dire straights.

  16. There is no place for contrasts like the City. Part of its horror and magic both. (I always think it's harder to be in denial about certain things here.) Your poem captures all of that, as do your pics. Thanks. k.

  17. Sweet and thoughtful. Love the yellow sundress and lemonade. The color is like hope in a sad situation.

  18. What a lovely thought, Loredana. I like how you painted the contrast between the mannequin and the homeless woman. I share with you your hope for a better life for her. :-)

  19. Drawing out the paradox, not letting the captures in glass draw the focua away from reality. Powerful positive poem. Thank you.

  20. Great pics and atmosphere in the city. Dreadful scene of a homless pregnant woman in the midst of such wealth wearing a sign " I'm Hungry"...absolutely shameful ! I hope someone at least gave her some food or cosmetics or soap or something !

  21. so much to see through the windows and reflected in the windows! and I admire your verse. you have a good heart in taking into consideration the feelings of the homeless woman.

  22. All those street colors are so pop art culture... Andy Wharol was there... ^^

  23. beautiful colours ... great modern art... suplemented with a perfect reflection... well done...

  24. I particularly like the lemon capture!

  25. you have brilliantly portrayed what lies in the heart of the city....the stark contrast between the haves and the have nots....the mad human race and how we fail to see the painful reality..

  26. A city with such wealth and such poverty...

  27. It is such a beautiful thought. Heart warming and very nice reference of the color.

  28. I do SO love this one, Loredana.
    So much the way I feel when walking the streets in NYC or Boston.
    Beautifully written.

  29. Thank you, everyone, for reading and understanding the meaning of the poem so well. I appreciate all the lovely responses about the photos, too. xx

  30. Me too, a beautiful sentiment and lovely photographs!


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