Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beyond the inevitability of the sunset

Ognuno sta solo sul cuor della terra
trafitto da un raggio di sole:
ed รจ subito sera.

~Salvatore Quasimodo~

the night has a certain mystery, mystique-
how it unfolds from light to dark,
showing its transient colors in between,
so fleeting that i must look closely, intently

i must feel the transformation
from dawn to evening,
and all that transpires while i travel
in its multidimensional sphere

how i change along with it,
becoming a part of the sunlight
if i choose to take it all in,
to connect with its intricacies

no matter what it brings-
because without the night,
i would not know
the rise of a new day

a shadow cannot exist
without an arrow of light through it,
how can i truly understand joy
if i haven't felt pain

how can i embrace what i gain
if i have never felt loss, lost
if i haven't lived, or loved to the fullest
if i have never risked to ask the question

how can i ever find the answer
to what lies beyond the inevitability of the sunset

Poem ©2014 by Loredana Donovan

My poem was inspired by an Italian poet, Salvatore Quasimodo, who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1959. His poem is at the beginning of my post in Italian. Its literal translation means: "Everyone stands alone at the heart of the Earth//transfixed by a ray of sunlight,//and suddenly it is evening." To me, his poem is about the transience of life, and it made me think about how important it is to live it to the fullest and stay connected. This is posted for Poets United where we are challenged to write in two or more languages. I took the photos of a beautiful sunset over the Mediterranean Sea on a recent trip to Italy. My post is also shared with dVerse. Have a wonderful weekend! xx

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

City Streets: Colors

as i walk down the street,
i take on the colors of the city

pieces of art//heart between glass 
sharp edges and soft curves
hues for myriad moods

reflections of people, cars, buildings
pass by me at incredible velocity,
and i see the paradox
between the pretty and gritty

the mannequin in the window
in a yellow sundress-
eyes, vacant and indifferent;
and the homeless pregnant woman
holding a sign: I'm hungry

i want to give her food, shelter
a yellow sundress just like that
to wear in a backyard of her own,
sipping fresh lemonade-
holding a healthy baby in her arms

It's been a while since I posted a poem on my City Streets series. It's actually been too cold to take pictures, but today I ventured out despite freezing temperatures to search for colors in the city. I found abstract art in the Flatiron building, and colorful display windows of summer fashions on 5th Avenue. All of this, in sharp contrast to a homeless woman I came across on the street. I don't take pictures of the homeless to respect their privacy, but I wanted to capture what I felt and wished for her in my poem.

This is posted for dVerse where we are challenged to write a poem about colors.
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Close Your Eyes

close your eyes
and listen
to the sound of
crashing against
feel the sun
on your skin,
the sand beneath
your feet

close your eyes
and taste
the saltiness
of the ocean,
feel the breeze
in your hair,
the cleansing
of water

close your eyes
and speak to me
let me hear
the music
of your voice,
let me breathe in
the scent
of you

close your eyes
and kiss me
as if it were
the first
and last time

My poem is posted for dVerse where we are challenged to write a poem using all the senses, except with our eyes closed. I tried to use imagery of sound, taste, touch, scent. This was a wonderful exercise. I took these pictures of the Atlantic Ocean last year. Close your eyes and imagine Summer Love! Have a great weekend!
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Women in Bloom

We are women in bloom--
strong, gentle, and understanding
we feel deeply, we give plenty
we are mothers, daughters, sisters

we are the love of your life
or the one that got away

sometimes we do it all
with grace and a smile on our face
we work, raise families,
rise early in the morning
and tuck our children in bed at night

and sometimes we go at it, alone

we come in all shapes and sizes
in all the colors of the rainbow
and we are beautiful just the same

we are young, we are old
and forever young at heart

we are writers, artists, farmers,
scientists, teachers, businesswomen,
doctors, inventors, entrepreneurs,
leaders, lawyers, or we play sports

yet we are not defined by our job,
whatever it may or may not be,
but by the depth of our soul
and the fullness of our heart

it is our choice to be a woman
in whichever way makes us happy
because we must be free

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Happy International Women's Day 2014! xx
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