Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Of mornings & longings

in the soft light
of retro lamps
and scent of 
alluring aromas,
my haven before work-
the coffee shop

I hold a brimming cup
in one hand
and heavy briefcase
in the other,
and a fresh beginning 

lost and found,
it's never too late
to catch a glimpse
of sunshine
breaking through
the January fog

I can still
walk out this door
to take
a leap of faith

Most mornings before going to work, I stop at my hometown coffee shop, even though I don't really drink coffee! But I love the atmosphere there. I usually have a cup of tea or hot chocolate and sit in contemplation. As a new year has just begun, I have been thinking about new beginnings and moving forward in faith. My poem is posted for "Mid-Week Motif," a wonderful new feature at Poets United. The topic is "newness" and the poem has to be in 75 words, which it is! Enjoy and here is hoping to a bright and beautiful 2014!


  1. It is always a good thing to find a way to break through the fog (metaphorical or otherwise) of January. The scents are nice even if one does not drink the brew!

  2. This thing with morning bringing newness is really comforting. You have beautiful photos here.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and for kindly correcting my mistake.

    Take care and keep smiling. <3

  3. A coffee shop and don't drink coffee, instead stalk and gawk, look at you haha sounds like a good place to ponder indeed

  4. "... Juggling uncertainty and a fresh beginning ..." I like that with a cuppa not-coffee in one hand and a heavy briefcase in the other, but I like most the morning ritual in the buzz and smells of the coffee shop. With such an uplift you can see always see the sun. Lovely.

  5. What a beautiful coffee shop it is with the soft pink light and the art on the walls. Lovely. Yes, fresh beginnings. I am just happy to have a 14 at the end of the 20 instead of the 13!!!!!!

  6. New morning and new adventures, there is hope and freedom in this and it makes my heart sing, i love this

  7. Looks like a great place to start your day! Great lamps there. I like the idea of a leap of faith, just trusting yourself and going for it!

  8. I like the bright lights of the place ~ Always good to take that leap of faith ~ Enjoyed this one Loredana ~


  9. Sounds like a good way to start the morning!

  10. Finding inspiration anywhere...even in a coffee shop ! Great poetry. xx

  11. We are of the same mind... my morning ritual includes the mandatory stop at the diner for many of the same reasons... :)

  12. I can see why you stop there. It is a cozy place. Love the light that you captured. Stay warm!

  13. Your haven before work sounds wonderful, Loredana!

  14. What a great way to start the day!

  15. What a lovely poem and great photos too. Made me feel like making a cup of coca...on this dreary day in BC. And I agree, a great way to start the day too!

  16. I love coffee shops, too, Loredana. Here we are the hometown of Starbuck's (Seattle) and the coffee shops are amazing places of refuge on cold and rainy days. Your poem captures that lovely feeling. It is amazing that you can write your poems within such strict parameters and they always flow so gracefully. Hugs xo Karen

  17. I love new beginnings and leaps of faith! This really does look like a charming place. I can see why you like to spend time there before work.

  18. Nicely told short narrative and very fitting photos (one of my pet loves)...I love how well you've created a feeling with your words (and a very few words at that) and how easily I could imagine myself there...

    Thanks also for stopping by my blog (The Way Eye See It) and commenting...I really do appreciate it...

  19. that looks like a cool coffee house ~

  20. Nice job on the photographs to go along with your poem.

  21. I do this same thing, and for the very same reason, Loredana!!
    I just like being there, and discreetly snapping some photos of course! :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. I used to do that....but ended up making small talk with everyone & never got any writing done! Very cool place you take your tea in!

  23. It's lovely. Every day is a fresh opportunity and a new year just begs to contemplated properly. I loved this piece, Loredana! Plus, I love coffee shops for the people watching potential. :)

  24. I loved this...your poem like the quaint coffee shop gives a warm snuggly feel!

  25. With a leap of faith you would cross milestones! hope the new year unfolds your dreams

  26. Every year, in the beginning of January, we have this "Lux Helsinki" light show, where Finnish and international artists display all kind of light installations and shows.

  27. That looks like a great place to enjoy a morning coffee! I really liked your poem!

  28. Un momento speciale che immagini e parole rendono in pieno!...c'è una sorpresa per te sul mio blog e spero che ti faccia piacere. Buon fine settimana,abbraccio,Rita.

  29. It's good to just relax awhile before starting the day! A hot drink is most refreshing,certainly! Nicely crafted Loredena!


  30. The contemplation of faith in a coffee Shop. It's clearly nothing like the coffee places I frequent. I think there is a prompt in there somewhere. Best of luck with your search.


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