Friday, January 24, 2014

Braving the Storm

a red umbrella
brings a pop of color
into the foggy sky,
endurance underneath
thick winter coats

black boots leave footprints
on freshly fallen snow,
emerging from dark alleys
into afternoon light,
turning a corner

yesterday, today, tomorrow
seem to blend into
a continuous line,
meeting and merging
on concrete paths

braving the storm
in perpetual motion,
constantly evolving
or standing still--
the choice is ours

It's been very cold in New York with temperatures below zero and lots of snow! I took these photos right in the middle of a snow storm as it was starting up in the city. My commute back home from work from New York City has been an adventure this week. I'm always amazed by the endurance of New Yorkers, braving the storm. The storm inspired my urban poem, which can be read as one piece or four different "slices of life." In the midst of adversity, we can still choose to be brave and surmount any obstacle. A warm welcome to my new followers and friends. Enjoy and have a great weekend!
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Of sunrises and roses

dare to stand
in the rain--a flower
will bloom within

The sound of the rain  had been like a soothing lullaby, making her fall asleep soundly. She woke up the next morning to a sunrise of regained hope, unscathed by the disappointment of the night before. Still, she wondered why he never showed up for the date. She so wanted it to be him who had tapped on her shoulder. But it was just a stranger mistaking her for someone else in the darkness of the movie theater.

She loved the stillness of Sunday mornings, the sunlight shining through her window, how time slowed down a bit ... and blueberry pancakes. She sat at the bistro table in the breakfast nook overlooking her garden. Soon, it would be Spring, and she would dig her hands deep into the dirt, planting seeds of love. She just knew it: when she learned to love herself first, only then would she find true love.

Suddenly, she was startled by her door bell ringing, bringing her back to reality. She could see who it was from her window. She remembered the rain, the waiting in vain, and the disillusion. The tears and fears, the longing and hoping. She hesitated but opened the door to her heart anyway. And there he was, holding a single rose.

And then she opened her eyes and woke up for real from this beautiful dream of sunrises and roses and the promise of Spring.

such is love-
a rose in the making,
thorns and all
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This is a continuation of Rainy Night, another haibun, a combination of prose and haiku. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments who inspired me to continue it!
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rainy Night

It was raining out and the street lights were reflected on the wet pavement in neon colors. This was the night she was going to be kissed. It didn’t matter that she felt so insecure, unworthy, not ready. She was going to let the rain wash away all those fears. Let it rain until yesterday’s tears turned into tomorrow’s blooms. Let it rain until it rained no more.

He was going to take her out to dinner by candlelight in a fancy restaurant. She was so nervous she changed her outfit several times. She put her hair up, then down, then up again. She thought about topics for conversations. She imagined different scenarios. Would he hold her hand, look into her eyes or not like her and never ask her out again?

After dinner, they were going to see a movie. Would he snuggle up with her in the movie theater or be distant? Would they even make it to the movies or cut the date short? She looked at herself in the mirror, thinking how could a grown woman feel like a teenager on a first date? Relax, she said to herself. It’s just a stupid date, after a year of not dating.

She waited impatiently for the door bell to ring. But the phone rang instead. He was delayed and apologized profusely. Could they meet in front of the movie theater? She hesitated but gave him the benefit of the doubt and said yes. She grabbed her purse and umbrella and decided to walk in the rain. Maybe that would do her good. 

She browsed through some store windows. Valentine’s Day displays were already everywhere even though it was still January. There was so much pressure on this made-up holiday to be in love, to be with someone. So what if she would still be alone by then? She would survive. Yet she looked at the lit up heart in the window and sighed.

She arrived at the movie theater. It looked like it was crowded inside, typical for a Saturday night. She waited by the door as a car pulled up. It must be him. He got out of the car and walked towards another woman in the movie theater. No, it wasn’t him. She waited another 15 minutes, and then called him. No answer. Did she get stood up?

She decided she was going to the movies anyway. Alone. She went inside, bought a ticket and a small box of popcorn. No, make it a large one, she said to the cashier. She found a good seat in the back of the theater and watched the previews. A tear fell into the popcorn. She said to herself she wasn’t going to cry over a man ever again.

And then someone tapped on her shoulder …

who could it be this time,
the one to mend
or break her heart again?
~ ~ ~
This is a haibun, a combination of prose and haiku, shared with Poets United. It was inspired by a rainy night. I took the pictures in my hometown. To be continued ...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Of mornings & longings

in the soft light
of retro lamps
and scent of 
alluring aromas,
my haven before work-
the coffee shop

I hold a brimming cup
in one hand
and heavy briefcase
in the other,
and a fresh beginning 

lost and found,
it's never too late
to catch a glimpse
of sunshine
breaking through
the January fog

I can still
walk out this door
to take
a leap of faith

Most mornings before going to work, I stop at my hometown coffee shop, even though I don't really drink coffee! But I love the atmosphere there. I usually have a cup of tea or hot chocolate and sit in contemplation. As a new year has just begun, I have been thinking about new beginnings and moving forward in faith. My poem is posted for "Mid-Week Motif," a wonderful new feature at Poets United. The topic is "newness" and the poem has to be in 75 words, which it is! Enjoy and here is hoping to a bright and beautiful 2014!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Break me out
of this ice cave
imprisoning my heart
Why am I still
all dressed in white?

Let's build a fire
to melt down
walls of indifference
Don't keep
your distance

I am Earth
strong yet delicate
Treat me right
Plant a seed
of kindness

and I will spring forth
in myriad colors
wearing a gown of violets
and scent of jasmine
kissed by sunshine

Thank you, dear friends, for all your wonderful wishes for the New Year. I hope yours will be bright and beautiful. We had a major blizzard over the weekend. I'm surrounded by snow and ice. There are even icicles on my windows! It's pretty and magical but, oh so cold! I did go out to take pictures of this winter wonderland. But I decided to post photos of a field of flowers I stumbled upon last Summer to start off the New Year on a bright note. Let's be kind to the Earth and it will be kind to us in return. Let's be kind to each other.
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Thank you also to everyone who participated in my giveaway in my previous post featuring my favorite photos and poems from last year. The winner is Robert Bourne, a fellow poet who blogs at Wrapped in Solitude. Robert will receive a favorite photo of his choice, matted and framed in a 5 x 7 size. Congratulations, Robert! 
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Happy New Year, everyone! xx
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