Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Favorites & Giveaway

if i could fly
i would soar over the sunset
the sky painted in blue and orange

i would spread my wings
toward the mystery of the horizon
floating on the clarity of clouds

listen to my heart beat
to the rhythm of celestial music
breathe in breathe out


would i be free?
~ ~ ~
As the year draws to a close, I would love to share with you some of my favorite poems and photos from 2013. This year, I have really enjoyed taking pictures of nature, especially landscapes and sunsets. Birds in flight migrating to a warmer climate in the winter are such an inspiration to me, conveying freedom and peacefulness.

the last rose of summer
gently fades away in a starlit dream
and when i awake,
pink petals fall like tears from heaven-
i scatter them on my pillow
~ ~ ~
One of my other passions is taking photos of flowers, and roses are my favorite. I so miss the colors of Spring and, in the meantime, I will dream on. Dream along with me.

She remembered
the last time they kissed
under a street lamp,
the city became blurred
crowds disappeared

She was no longer
standing on the sidewalk
as if he had lifted her up,
and in that frozen moment
it all became clear, final

When she opened her eyes
his face was lost again
amidst the crowds,
the scent of his cologne
lingered on her silk scarf

She left it in the taxi
and never looked back
~ ~ ~
This year, I started a City Streets series of fictional urban poems taking place in New York City, and this is one of my favorites. The series tells a story about starting over and searching for true love. I have had so much fun taking photographs of New York City and look forward to continuing the series next year.
~ ~ ~ 
It's been a wonderful year of blogging. I have become friends with so many talented writers, photographers, and artists who enrich my world with your words and images. I appreciate your great support and your thoughtful comments. Thank you!
~ ~ ~
And now it's your turn to choose your favorite. Please pick your favorite photograph from any of my posts this year, and let me know in a comment. There will be a random drawing, and the winner will receive a print of the favorite photograph, matted and framed in a 5 x 7 size. I will ship it anywhere in the world. This giveaway is on until next Sunday, January 5, when I will reveal the winner. Enjoy and have fun!
~ ~ ~
Much love and Happy New Year to all! xx
~ ~ ~
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Saturday, December 21, 2013


embrace me, winter
with a cotton-soft blanket,
teach me resilience-
how does the oak tree stand still,
baring her soul to the sky?

Today, December 21st, is the winter solstice. And so winter begins in all its glory as well as challenges. Let's hope we can embrace it with the same grace as nature. This poem is a tanka, posted for the Sunday Mini-Challenge at the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads. Also sharing with Poets United and The View From Right Here
~ ~ ~
Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sky Reflection

Why do they call it
morning rush hour?

Where is everyone
running to
or running from?


The pulse of the city
beats faster
and faster
and faster


I look up
and notice
the fog has lifted
and the sky
turned the deepest
of blues


And in a split second
the train's doors
shut in front of me
leaving me behind

I'm late

But that sky
oh, that sky was worth
the wait

Hope you enjoy this little slice of life from my morning commute. The first photo shows a reflection of the Chrysler building and the blue sky in a glass skyscraper across from it. The second photo shows the Empire State building in the distance, and the entrance to a subway station. The last photo shows a subway train as it leaves the station. Can't tell you how many times I've missed that train. Smiles.

My poem is posted for Poetry Jam, where the topic this week is "inside-outside." I'm also sharing my photos with Skywatch Friday and Weekend Reflections. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Light a Candle

light a candle for all of life's bliss,
let it glow on earth's white mantle-
for those long gone you miss,
light a candle

let the power of love sparkle,
open your heart and make a wish
upon a star, be a shining example

spread glitters of hope in the mist,
as a peace dove, ever so gentle-
let it glow like a sunrise's kiss,
light a candle

It snowed the whole day today. It was the perfect time to decorate the Christmas tree while watching snowflakes fall outside the window. One of the things I love about this time of year is a celebration of lights. As it gets darker out in the winter time, it's comforting to light candles or just gaze peacefully at the lights on the Christmas tree. To me, light is a symbol of peace, love, and hope. May it shine this Holiday Season and in the New Year. 
~ ~ ~
This roundel is posted for dVerse where the topic is Candles & Lights. I also prepared this post for Gardens Eye View for Seasonal Celebrations. Sharing with Poets United.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fire & Ice

What I like about winter
is not the dark,
but the lightness of being 
next to you

it's not the cold,
but the warmth of your love
shining on me
like sunrise

it's not the gray,
but the color of your words
speaking softly
to my soul

not the aches and pains,
but the way you heal me,
how you make this heart
of mine, whole again

What I like about winter
is this undying,
burning, melting-
You & I are fire & ice

Although winter starts on December 21st, it's been already very cold and we're expecting more snow this weekend. Nothing better than sitting by the fireplace on cold nights, snuggling up with someone you love! This poem is posted for dVerse, where the topic is "hearth, home, and common speech." I'm also sharing my black and white photo with Skywatch Friday. The sky can be quite beautiful on a snowy day. Enjoy and stay warm!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Festive Lights

that night,
the town lit up
in neon colors,
but amidst
the green & red,
all he could see was blue

even the street
a deep indigo,
casting a soft
on his face

and he became part
of a picture-perfect
yet wondered why
he felt so alone
in a crowd
~ ~ ~
Posted for dVerse and shared with Poets United.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Purple Sunset

i chased after a glowing sunset tonight
as if it were the last one to behold,
and captured it before it was out of sight-
remember this next time we kiss

our love is here for us to hold,
and when the sun goes down at night
it keeps us warm if it gets cold

but love is fragile in all its might,
love is rare like pure gold,
love is transient as a purple sunset-
remember this next time we kiss
~ ~ ~
A romantic roundel posted for Kerry's challenge at the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads. Shared with Poets United and Skywatch Friday. I rarely write poems that rhyme, but the roundel form is so enchanting and charming and I couldn't resist. The sunset was memorable tonight, worth chasing after. I couldn't resist that either. Smiles :)