Saturday, October 26, 2013

City Streets Part 5: Cafés

They loved going to cafés in the city, especially in the Fall when it started to get a little cold outside. It was nice to be inside, all warm and cozy, savoring a cup of coffee (decaffeinated for her). That Sunday morning in late October, the cab driver dropped them off in front of Central Café in Pershing Square on 42nd Street.

But they were in the mood for something Italian. They walked downtown and passed by Benvenuto Café on Broadway. She noted that Benvenuto means Welcome in Italian, so inviting. It was still warm out and some people were sitting outside the café at small tables on the sidewalk. But they decided they wanted to be inside.

So they went to Eataly on 5th Avenue for a cup of cappuccino and their favorite dessert—tiramisú. The aroma of the coffee reminded her of a vacation in Italy where life was not as fast as a New York minute.

They sat at a table in the corner and talked about everything from the meaning of life to the meaning of tiramisú. The waiter said that tiramisú literally means “pick me up” because the rich flavor apparently puts you in a better mood.

They smiled at his translation. “See, the tiramisú is already working,” the waiter said, smiling back and swiftly returning to the kitchen for seconds.

She recounted her trip to Italy and how she fell in love with the culture, the history, and especially the warmth of its people.

“Did you ever hear of the Italian expression, il dolce far niente?,” she asked him.

“No, what does that mean?,” he asked back.

She said: “It means the sweetness of doing nothing. And not just when you’re on vacation. But taking some time every day to enjoy a special moment. A wonderful thought, don’t you think?”

He nodded and scribbled something in Italian on the paper napkin. It was misspelled, but she resisted the urge to correct him. Why spoil the moment?

“I love you, too,” she said, as she shared with him another bite of tiramisú.

life can be sweeter
if you take the time
to share dessert
~ ~ ~
This is the next installment of my fictional urban poems and haibun, this time with a café theme, Italian style. I just couldn't resist. Smiles. :)
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Winds of Change

in this fleeting moment
a soon-to-be memory, slipping
through our fingers—if we let go
of our grasp, it stays forever
imprinted on the palm of our hand

trees know when to surrender-
they shed themselves
of the old, and embrace the new
baring their soul, until
nothing is left but their shadow

we sway up and down with
the wind of change; it carries us
to a higher plane, returning
us to earth, where we belong
amidst blades of grass

This weekend, I'm sharing with you a set of three poems written in the tanka style, a Japanese poetry form in five lines. My poems are in response to the Sunday Mini-Challenge at the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, where Kerry invites us to explore this lovely form. One of the characteristics of classical tanka is to evoke awareness of things which are beautiful but transient, as life constantly changes. And so I was inspired to write about embracing change, while being aware of the beauty of each single moment. I took the photographs in the countryside of New York as Autumn continues to amaze me and uplift me. Enjoy and have a wonderful week ahead!
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

First Date

love at first sight
sight of crimson trees
trees reflected in the lake
lake full of golden leaves

the kiss of autumn
autumn crisp and tender
tender hearts ready
ready to surrender

a walk in the woods
woods with twists and turns
turns from green to amber
amber and love that burns

This afternoon, I went for a lovely nature walk by a lake in the countryside of New York on a beautiful, sunny Autumn day. I love seeing how the colors keep changing from green to gold, crimson, and amber at this time of year. The reflections on the lake are so pretty and inspiring. It was such a refreshing and joyful walk. What a magical season!

My poem is posted for the Sunday Mini-Challenge at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, where Grace invites us to write in the style of Loop Poetry. The last word of the first line is the first word of the next line and so on, with a rhyme scheme of abcb. I had so much fun composing this poem inspired by my walk by the lake. I especially enjoyed running into the two cute puppies in the woods. Love at first sight, don't you think? Enjoy!
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Autumn Sky

that day in October
colored in fuchsia and chiffon
adorned with satin ribbons
dreams, uncurled and set free

that day in October
dressed in roses and intricate lace
pearls of love beaded in my hair
my brown eyes, deeper than the earth

that day in October
falling from the Autumn sky
into your arms, standing by you
on nature's altar

that day in October
vows woven into silk
to have and to hold
never look backward

Always catch me if I fall
~ ~ ~

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