Sunday, September 29, 2013

City Streets 4: The Bridge

she met him half way
between light and shadows
on the bridge’s promenade,
where it seems easy to fall in love
again, to get lost in blue skies
and the magic of sunlight
sparkling on the water

it was on this bridge,
so wide and old and wise
that she felt a connection
as infinite as the city’s skyline,
her heart of glass, vulnerable
yet wanting to be reflective
of what is pure and kind

it was on this bridge
that she learned to let go,
to leave the past behind
and walk across into a new life
not knowing whether
it would work or not,
but better than standing still

she did not want to be rescued
only to be loved unconditionally,
maybe it was the blueness
of the sky, the water, or his eyes
but she saw hope in all of it
and she held on,
her hand tightly clasped into his

This is Part 4 of my fictional urban poems, now taking place on the Brooklyn Bridge promenade, featured in the first photo. I enjoyed taking these photos this weekend on such a beautiful early Autumn day. The promenade is renowned for romantic walks by the water, while admiring New York City's skyline. In the second photo, you can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance. In the third photo, the Freedom Tower is on the far left.

And here is the picturesque Brooklyn Bridge, built in 1883 in the neo-Gothic architectural style. You can actually walk on the bridge all the way across to Manhattan. A bridge can be so symbolic, and being there sparked an idea for this next poem in my urban series. You can find my other urban poems in this series at City Streets,  City Streets: Part 2, and City Streets: Part 3. Enjoy and have a wonderful week ahead!
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Last Rose

the last rose of summer
gently fades away in a starlit dream
and when i awake,
pink petals fall like tears from heaven-
i scatter them on my pillow
~ ~ ~
Today at the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, Kerry challenges us to write a Tanka, a Japanese poetry form in 5 lines. A classical Tanka follows a minimalist approach with sensibility, emotion and suggestiveness. As I was wandering around the garden, I was taken by a pink rose fading away with the end of summer, but still beautiful and dreamy. This is the emotion that it evoked in me, which I tried to express in my photo and poem.
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Free Falling

caramel mornings~
oh the magic of you
turning into the color of eternity
like a thousand leaves,
free falling kisses

oh the sweetness of you
loving me like there is no tomorrow
i savor each moment,
you send me
to Autumn's golden skies

oh the breeze of you
renews me,
i become that leaf
floating in mid-air

and I want to stay there
in that little piece
of heaven
where I am lighter,
softer, happier

Today, I was inspired by a heart-shaped leaf, turning into Autumn colors. Although Fall is officially starting on the 22nd of September, I am already starting to see some signs. It is getting a little cooler, and I have noticed some trees beginning to change, standing out in the rest of the landscape, which is still green. I took these photographs today at a nearby pond in my hometown in the countryside of New York. What I love about Fall is the "turning" not only of colors, but a shift, a change. I think Fall is a romantic season, perfect for falling in love ... with love, with life, with hope, with trust, with faith ... free falling.
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Enjoy my poem and photos! xx
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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Memories of Summer

velvet sky, porcelain clouds
memories of summer
in a Polaroid shot, faded
clasped in your hand

as you greet the morning
with a warm embrace
a life to hold again, a present
saved by grace, grateful

listen to the voice
of peace
carried by the winds
of hope

it whispers: bring me home
on the path to freedom
so we can dance again
on fields of grass, not war

My poem is posted for dVerse where today's prompt is Poetics--Try to Remember. I imagined a soldier clasping a photograph of a loved one, of summers in green fields, holding onto happy memories and hope. With the recent events in the world, I pray for peace. This post is also shared with Poets United and Skywatch Friday. Blessings to all.