Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Perfect Dance

and butterfly


a perfect

in an imperfect

Today's challenge from Kim at Poets United is to write "a simple-yet-complex, eight-line poem, with every word having both literal and figurative meaning, a design that adds impact, and lack of punctuation being purposeful and significant." This is the poem I came up with after being inspired by taking photographs of butterflies and lilies. I'd love to hear your interpretation of my poem. What does it mean to you?
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The texture I used on both of my images is called "Sky Love" and was kindly provided by Bonnie at Pixel Dust Photo Art who challenged us to create floral artwork. I'm also sharing my floral images with Floral Friday Fotos. Enjoy and thank you, as always, for your wonderful, interactive participation in my posts! xx

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mystic Blue

lost in the blueness
of the sky, the sea, and your eyes

i want to stay here
until the end of times …

in this moment, when all is perfect
all is forgiven

bitterness washed away
by waves of contentment

my heart, pure, renewed …
and forever yours

We just got back from a wonderful getaway in Mystic Connecticut
where everything is the bluest of blue
... blue is such a soothing, mystical color ...

... the sky, the sea ...

... the picturesque port ...

 ... the boats, the sails ...

... where art imitates nature and inspires ...
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Sharing my poem with Imaginary Garden With Real Toads
where Corey invites us to write with deeply felt emotions.
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 Enjoy my poem and photos and have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Along the River

summer heat wave ...
seeking refuge in cool breezes and blue skies
the sound of water crashing on rocks
my eyes are as wide-open as the river

train after train goes by
an oasis in the morning rush hour
but time stops over the cliffs on the horizon
sunlight sparkles on clear water

on this iron bench
i sit wondering if i missed my train
stained glass reflections of moon and stars
a mosaic of lives before me

and there will always be another train …

We are having a heat wave in New York, as in most other states, with temperatures in the 90's and rising. To cool off, I have been taking my daily commuting train to New York City on the Hudson River side, so I can admire the view on my train ride. There is a beautiful stained glassed mosaic on the platform at the train station, and the views are wonderful.

My poem was inspired by the river views and the mosaic and the many times I missed my morning train. It made me think about what we sometimes perceive as missed opportunities, but there will always be another door that will open ... another train on our life journey. Sharing with Poetry Jam where the topic is "feel the heat" and with Poets United where the topic is "water table." And sharing my photos with Skywatch Friday.
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Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Morning

I live for
the promise of a new morning
another chance to shine
as the sun rises
gently awakening me
I turn towards the sky
like a daisy opening up
hoping to change the world
one petal at a time

My poem is posted in response to the Sunday mini-challenge at The Imaginary Garden where Shay invites us to write about "what we live for." This is what came to me as I pondered about the miracle of each new morning and the possibility for change.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

You and I ...

you and I … we dream about the sun and the moon
and everything in between, we find each other
in the sky among clouds dancing for rain,
we speak softly and sometimes we are just silent

in the comfort of light and shadows, where
the language of love needs not words,
I can see it reflected in your reassuring eyes,
in the way your hand holds mine, interlocked

our lives intertwined between the mundane and sublime
where every moment counts, every heart beat resounds
like sweet music to my ears, your warmth envelops me

our love, the lasting kind, not the quick flame
burning out in the night, but greeting us in the day
you and I … we are the sun and the moon

My poem is my contribution to the Sunday Mini-Challenge at the Imaginary Garden, where Kerry invites us to write a sonnet in a classic or modern style. Mine is inspired by the love poems of Pablo Neruda, one of my favorite romantic poets. I'm also sharing this with Poets United. Enjoy my poem and photos of the sunset and moonlight!
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