Sunday, June 30, 2013

Garden Mosaic

This weekend, I visited a pretty garden in Chappaqua, New York, called Pocket Park. There were beautiful pink hydrangeas, daisies and more summer blooms! I also found cone flowers in a nearby garden. It was a relaxing and colorful walk. Afterwards, I created a mosaic of all the flowers and I had fun with some painterly photographic effects.

Why don't you sit on this lovely bench and enjoy the view?

I love the combination of yellow daisies and those purple spiky flowers.
Does anyone know what they are called?

Here are the pink hydrangeas.

I like the soft pink hydrangeas, too!

I find it interesting these are called cone flowers as the petals turn downward!

Here I had fun editing the image for an abstract effect.
So what's your favorite flower?
 Hope you find some time this summer to bask in the colors and fragrance of the season!
~ ~ ~
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fountain of Youth

i have piercing brown eyes
skin, the color of sunrise
tender words upon my lips

the window to my soul
forever open
to endless possibilities

in this ethereal garden
i found the fountain of youth
springing forth from within

beauty internal, eternal

My poem is my contribution to Poets United, where Kim invites to write about "omniscience" inspired by the quote "in writing you can know everything." To me, this poem is about personal discovery and getting to know oneself and the beauty within. I'm also sharing it with the Imaginary Garden, where Peggy invites us to explore "faces." The poem is also a bit of a self-portrait. As the key phrase in the poem is "the fountain of youth," here are a couple of photos of some of my favorite fountains found in New York.
Enjoy my poem and photos!
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's the Simple Things

It's the simple things that make me happy, like spending the day out in nature on a gorgeous sunny day like this! Today, my husband and I visited a lovely farm in Bedford Corners, New York. It's called Daisy Hill, what a pretty name for a farm! I was so excited when I saw this beautiful horse in a green field in the distance. I literally ran to the other side of the fence to photograph him before he escaped into the hills! There he is!

Back near the fence, I found a pretty display of colorful zinnias in pots.

A lovely stone wall with beautiful flower planters surrounds the yard to the farm house.

I absolutely loved the floral window boxes and yellow shutters on the farm house!
Sunlight was reflected in the window.

We also stopped at the farm stand where we bought delicious, fresh strawberries and cherries. Of course, I couldn't leave without a pretty bouquet of flowers--gorgeous peonies! Here is my basket of goodies on the counter. What a lovely farmer's market.

Back home, I put the peonies in a vase on my dining room table for us to enjoy!
It's the simple things!
Enjoy my photos and have a lovely weekend!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Upon a Rock

I rest
upon this rock
where all is silent
but for the sound of waves
against white sand
where all is resilient
the horizon is mine
as I spread my wings
free from captivity
of broken dreams
I soar

It's almost summertime and I long for the beach. I took these photos by the Atlantic Ocean on the New England coastline. Rock formations there are so unique ... from small rocks on the beach to tall cliffs overlooking the ocean. Dreamy! And I love how the little bird blends in with the rock colors. Does anyone know that cute bird's name?

Rocks--a symbol of strength and resilience. My poem is in response to two challenges: at Poetry Jam, Peggy's prompt is on "rocks." At Poets United, Kim invites us to write a poem in the "quickest and simplest way possible." Enjoy my poem and photos!
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dream Castle

I dreamed I lived in a castle way up in the tower, admiring the sky.

On summer afternoons, I took long strolls in green valleys.

I was greeted by strength of stone walls and softness of flowers.

Doors of opportunity opened, reflecting the world outside.

Inside, there was warmth and charm.

I sat on the porch in the midst of nature.

On a sunny day, I got lost in the fragrance of a rose garden.

I went through gate after gate of rose vines in multi-colors.

Until I found the perfect pink rose.

Through the steel greenhouse, I admired the landscape.

I walked down a path among evergreens.

I was transported across the bridge ... until I woke up.
~ ~ ~
This week, I visited a beautiful castle in Tarrytown, NY--the Lyndhurst Mansion. It was designed in 1838 and it overlooks the Hudson River. It's surrounded by gorgeous green lawns, a rose garden, and a steel-framed greenhouse. I love the 19th century architecture and pretty landscape with river views. It's so romantic, and I felt like a princess! Enjoy!
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Friday, June 7, 2013


Tranquillity is innocence in a garden.

Tranquillity is light emanating from a flower.

Tranquillity is nothing but the sound of leaves in the breeze.

Tranquillity is sunlight shining through trees.

Tranquillity is stars of light reflected on water.

Tranquillity is a field of daisies suntanning.

Tranquillity is a cool place in the shade on a warm summer afternoon.

Tranquillity is the end of the day
when the work is done, all the flowers are gone
but they still reside in your heart.
~ ~ ~
What I enjoy about summer is spending lots of time outdoors in the peacefulness of nature. Life can be so hectic sometimes, and I just love quiet moments. I took these photographs in the beautiful countryside of New York. This summer, I'm celebrating tranquillity! This is my contribution to "Seasonal Celebrations" where Donna at Gardens Eye View invites us to contemplate our thoughts on the season. Enjoy!
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cool Cars

take me away
on the open road
in a red car, top down
the wind in my hair
the sun on my face
favorite song on the radio

along the coast
through twists and turns
hugging those curves

from east to west
from mountain to ocean
from sunrise to sunset
not a moment missed
on this journey
oh, so fleeting

My husband and I went to a car show in our hometown of Pleasantville, New York. Although I'm not into cars as much as he is, I really enjoyed it. The cars were customized hot rods in colorful, artistic designs! The first is pretty in pink and blue, and here is a detail of the intricate, unique artwork. How fun is that? But there is more.

How about this sleek red Corvette?

Or a yellow Ford Mustang?

Maybe something in orange?

 A cool Chevy Nova in green and orange curves.

My favorite detail of the design.

Or maybe you prefer a striped Mustang Cobra?

Look what's under the hood of this Corvette Z06!

This design looks like an abstract!

Or how about a Harley?

What a cool blue art on the Harley!
~ ~ ~
The poem is posted for Poetry Jam where Laurie invites us to write on the topic of "vacation" in 15 lines or less. I've always wanted to go on a cross-country trip in a red convertible! What about you? What's your favorite car and destination? Enjoy!
~ ~ ~
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