Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall in Love

leaves fall, bringing joy
and laughter, as i fall in love
with you all over again

A happy, smiling couple walking in the park in New York City. Isn't Fall the perfect time to fall in love? I sure think so! Have a wonderful weekend, full of love, joy, and laughter.

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Monday, October 22, 2012


a true friend is always there for you
through the seasons, a welcome rainbow
after the rain--truthful and loyal,
closeness blooming like a spring tulip

sharing joy and sorrow
through the grayness of winter,
making snow angels together-
with the warmth of an open heart

a true friend is a good listener,
music to your ears--a symphony,
sunshine in your life
like a summer sunday afternoon 

a true friend will make you feel loved
in thoughts and simple actions-
a kind word, a handwritten note,
reassuring voice through time and space

connecting on a deeper level,
making the effort to find the real you
beneath the surface
like the brightness of autumn

a true friend knows your favorite color

I have been contemplating friendship this week and how it changes in time and space just like the seasons. I mention all the seasons in my poem, but my photos are autumn shots as I like to keep them current, in the present moment. The photo with the path and the fallen leaves is symbolic to me of the journey of friendship, seeking and finding new friends and maintaining old friends. I hope you enjoy my musings for the day.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nature Walk

On my nature walk, I spotted this beautiful dog catching some sun rays in a green field ... 

... with a backdrop of gorgeous trees adorned in bright colors ...

... behind the fence, a bull was walking by ...

... while ducks were grazing the grass on the other side ...

... red leaves were growing out of rocks ...

... the sky was lit up in orange ...

... and the ground was colored with purple and yellow mums and pumpkins ...
~ ~ ~
It must be Autumn! Have a lovely and colorful weekend!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Country Chic

behind stone walls,
home's warmth-
a light in the window

on a country road,
scent of lavender-
blue blossom bouquet

in a field of gladiolas,
hope blooms
on green meadows

autumn paints the sky
in shades of sienna-
among evergreens

at sunset-
the stillness of clouds;
birds in flight

This weekend, I went for a nature walk at Stone Barns, a beautiful farm in the countryside of New York. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many lovely flowers were still in bloom at this time of the year. I visited this farm in the summer and posted it about it at It's just as pretty in Autumn as it was back in June! On my nature walk, I found lavender blooms, gladiolas, colorful fall foliage, and I kept walking around until sunset. I was so happy to capture a flock of birds in flight as the sun was setting. All the beautiful scenery inspired a set of haiku and senryu. Enjoy my photographs and poetry and have a wonderful week ahead!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Japanese Stroll Garden

Autumn sunlight-
splashes of yellow, orange, and auburn;
a rainbow in the garden

This weekend, I visited a beautiful garden in North Salem, New York, Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden. The design of a Japanese garden has balance and harmony providing a sense of serenity as you walk through it. This particular garden is especially pretty in Autumn with the leaves changing colors. I enjoyed my nature walk and taking photos. The first photo shows one of the strolling paths along a pretty lily pond. There are benches all around where you can sit in contemplation and enjoy the scenic views.

This is one of the entrances to the garden, leading to the different paths. There are fences and gates made of bamboo and a frog sculpture greeting you as you walk in.

I loved the bamboo tree grove and the soothing sound of the breeze through it. There are also rock sculptures in asymmetrical shapes on the grass all around the garden.

Paths are lined with stepping stones and gravel, elements of Japanese garden design.

This is my favorite picture of the pond with a green island in the middle. All my pictures are straight out of the camera, but this photo looks painterly because of the sunlight. 

Along the pond, there are unique Japanese lanterns.

This is another view of the pond along the strolling path with a stone sculpture on the left.

I really like the shape of this tree. It almost looks like a giant bonsai tree!

These trees had some really beautiful Autumn colors with bright orange and red leaves.

A pretty primrose, which is a spring flower, was still thriving at this time of the year.

in the zen garden,
raking waves in the sand-
i live in the moment

The zen garden was one of my favorite spots. Visitors are allowed to rake the sand as it's part of the zen experience. In Japanese culture, the waves on the sand represent water and clouds, and the three stones in the corner of the garden are symbolic of mankind, heaven and earth. It was truly a wonderful and serene experience strolling around this beautiful garden. I hope you enjoyed it along with me on this virtual tour!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rainy Day

on a rainy day,
a slice of sun in my tea cup-
warm thoughts of you
~ ~ ~
I have a love-hate relationship with the rain. I love the sound of the rain--it's so soothing, isn't it? Tapping on my window, making the grass green. When it rains, it's nice to cuddle up with a good book and a cup of tea, all cozy and warm inside on an Autumn day.

I like walking in the rain, too, except when it pours, my umbrella turns inside out in the stormy wind, and I get soaking wet. Yet, there is something romantic about the rain, especially on a cool evening, city lights reflected in the puddles, walking hand in hand with a loved one. Or on a country road, colorful leaves falling and whirling in the rain.

I took this photograph by my dining room window, as it rains outside in the field across the street. The grass is still green, and only a few leaves are starting to turn golden. The cup is special as it's hand painted by an artisan in Amalfi, Italy. The bright yellow color is so cheerful on a rainy day. And yes, a couple of cookies make it all better, too!

~ I hope you're enjoying Autumn as much as I am.~

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