Friday, June 29, 2012

Nature Discovery

I spent some time out in nature this afternoon, and this is what I discovered. Here is a lily happily suntanning in a lovely pond in my hometown of Pleasantville. This photo is my contribution to Pixel Dust Photo Art at, where today's topic is a painterly effect. First, I took this picture straight out of my camera. Then I cropped it, sharpened it, and posterized it to achieve a painterly effect. Dreamy.

Also, out in nature, here is a young man walking his dog. This photo is my contribution to Friday My Town Shoot Out! at, where today's topic is a picture that tells a story. I also took this picture straight out of my camera. Then I cropped it and gave it a cinematic effect and panoramic view. Doesn't it look like a happy ending to a movie? Have a great weekend and happy trails!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


candlelight reflection--
eyes closed, your hand clasped in mine;
more said in silence
~ ~ ~

When you're in love, more can be expressed in silence than words can ever say. A little candlelight, a gentle touch, a quiet moment with your loved one create a romantic mood.

The poem I wrote is a senryu, which is a three-line poem that expresses an emotion. It was inspired by candlelight, but it was easier to write the poem than taking the picture! I wanted the lit candle to have a soft glow and be reflective so I placed it on a glass top. 

This is my contribution to Poetry Jam, where this week's topic is "moods." Please visit for wonderful poems by my poetry friends on this theme.

Don't you just suddenly feel romantic?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Winding Path

winding path--
we are not alone;
lean on trees

This week's topic at Haiku Heights is "support." I'm contributing my haiga, which is a combination of a haiku and image related to each other. I took this photograph today on a walk in the woods, as the sun was shining through the trees. On our life's journey, we are not alone; support is always on the way as long as we remember to reach out. Please visit for more inspiring haiku. Happy Sunday!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spiderman in the City

Just having a bit of fun with my photograph! I shot this today in New York City as a sightseeing bus was driving down Broadway. There was a Spiderman signage on the bus, so I converted the photograph to black and white but left Spiderman in red! Don't you think he's about to climb over the Empire State Building in the background?

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Awakening

wouldn't it be wonderful if everything
had the most absolute perfection
as hydrangeas in the sun?

an explosion of colors:
blues, yellows, purples, pinks
like fireworks in the sky;

unmistakenly pure, no blemishes;
could we start over on a white canvas
and paint our lives again, no regrets;

summer awakening

I was inspired to write this poem by the beautiful hydrangeas that are popping up everywhere in a myriad of bright colors. I've been taking photographs this week and made a mosaic of all the different colors. Today's prompt at Poetry Jam at is "mistakes." The prompt was thought provoking and made me realize that we all have a second chance in life. No matter what "mistakes" we think we have made in the past, we can always learn from them and start over. And what better start for a new awakening in glorious summer weather! Enjoy my photo and poem!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Food for Thought

sunlit strawberries,
nourishing my heart and soul;
picnic on green field
~ ~ ~
in the shade of trees,
leafing through another book;
knowledge brings wisdom
~ ~ ~

Every Saturday morning in the summer, we go to a farmer's market in our hometown. They have the most delicious fruits, herbs, and vegetables--so healthy for you. They also have beautiful freshly picked flowers. I took a few photographs at the market today and made a collage of a variety of produce and blooms. How wonderful to go on a picnic in the company of a good friend, a great book to read to each other, and nutritious food! Sharing with The View From Right Here at; and Haiku Heights at (prompt: wisdom). Enjoy!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekend Fun

I had the afternoon off today, so I started my weekend early. After a long, busy week at work, I always look forward to a restful and relaxing weekend. The theme today at Friday My Town Shoot Out! at is "town tours." So I thought I'd just show you a few fun things to do on the weekend in my hometown of Pleasantville, New York. I took the first photo this afternoon at Nannahagan Park, where there is a nice little pond you can walk around and enjoy nature. Lo and behold, a white pelican showed up! I captured the pelican's reflection in the water. I'm also contributing this photo to Weekend Reflections at

At the same park, there is a little, rustic bridge over the pond. I like the shadows the leaves are casting, and the bridge invites you to cross over it and explore the woods!

Next, I stopped by Pleasantville Country Club, which has some great views of the rolling hills. I don't play golf, but it sure does sound like a fun thing to do on the weekend with your friends or family. Maybe I should learn some day. Great fun in the sun!

Pleasantville is indeed a family friendly small town. If you have children, you can have some simple fun at the playground at Roselle Park. This little girl seems to be enjoying herself on the swing! I took this picture with a slightly blurry effect to show movement.

After getting some good exercise by walking and playing, it's time for a delicious little dessert at Jean Jacques, a French bistro in town. They even have a small sculpture of the Eiffel Tower in the window. But I was focusing on the dessert, tartallette au fruits, lovely pastry topped with strawberries, kiwis, peaches, and blueberries!

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend with lots of fun!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Red Maple Tree

On a nature walk,
in the shade of evergreens,
I stumble upon a red maple tree;

It stands out in the sunshine,
for no other has such bright colors,
a delight to the eyes;

Holding on with quiet strength,
roots firmly planted,
unwavering and harmonious;

One of a kind,
nature's gentle reminder
to celebrate uniqueness in us all

~ ~ ~

I went on a nature walk this weekend, and I was captivated by the uniqueness of this red maple tree standing out among evergreens. I always have my camera with me so I can capture pleasant little surprises such as this. This tree to me became a symbol of how unique each one of us is with so much to offer to the world in our own way. Yet, we can still co-exist peacefully in diversity. Nature always has the most wonderful lessons. I'm contributing my poem to Poetry Jam at, where today's prompt is "celebration." Thank you for letting me share my thoughts, photo, and poetry with you, as we celebrate uniqueness in us all.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Garden Harbor

seek inner beauty
in what seems ordinary;
find hidden treasures

~ ~ ~

I was going for a walk around my neighborhood today, and I just had to stop to take this photograph. So beautiful, peaceful, and inviting. I wonder what hidden treasures are beyond the garden gate. Happy Sunday! 

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

At the Movies

Do you remember the movie, Pleasantville, where everything was in black and white in the beginning and then it gradually started turning to color? I loved that movie and its metaphor of creativity and bringing things to life. As most of you know who follow and read my blog regularly, I live in a small town in the suburbs of New York, called Pleasantville! Please see my post of my colorful hometown, Pleasantville, at

The topic this week at the creative site, Friday My Town Shoot Out! at is "interiors," so I thought I would take you for a small tour of the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville. I started out by taking black and white photos and then gradually adding color. These are straight out of my camera without any digital editing. The first black and white photo is the front entrance to the movie theater. This really cool theater only shows independent, cultural films and lots of foreign movies, too, with subtitles. Very entertaining and artistic!

This photo is also in black and white and shows the interior staircase that takes you up to the second floor. I shot this from the first floor, looking up, as it is an open space. I like the geometric lines, angles, and the circles in the railing. A modern design. I'm also linking this photo to another creative site, Pixel Dust Photo Art at, where the theme this week is "black and white."

Here, the photo is still monochromatic, but I added blue. This is the interior entrance to the second theater. The cool blue poster matches the blue door, and I took this from an angle to create perspective and movement, as you're walking towards the door.

Here, it goes from blue to red for the interior entrance to the third theater. I love the bright red door and the modern carpet design. So, what's behind door #3? 

Lastly, all primary colors, blue, red, yellow, green and a touch of gold in this whimsical sculpture inside the theater. It's perpetually in motion with a little ball traveling through all the different gadgets. Something fun to watch while you wait on line to get your ticket! So how about a movie this weekend? Invite a date and have fun!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Simply Grateful

pink roses in a crystal vase,
a welcome centerpiece;

pure spring water quenching thirst,
reflections of green leaves;

even the thorns soften,
no longer feeling the sting;

petals slowly open towards the sky,
as if they could speak;

a quiet prayer asking for nothing in particular,
but only to whisper thank you;

simply grateful

~ ~ ~

I gathered a small bouquet of miniature pink roses from the garden, so tiny that they fit in a votive! They look so pretty as a little centerpiece on my glass dining room table. I love the reflections of the trees on the glass, and the roses look so happy on this sunny day. The votive is special as it is what we gave away as party favors at our wedding, filled with tea candles and white Jordan almonds. I kept a few of the votives, and this came in handy to hold the little bouquet of roses. After I took the photograph, it inspired me to write a poem about being grateful for simple things. Today's prompt at Poetry Jam is "water," and I'm contributing my poem to this lovely site at Enjoy the photo and poem and delight in simple things!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Flowers in the Sky

alluring fragrance;
unlock the window, behold
red geraniums

~ ~ ~

I originally took this photograph because I liked the window boxes with the red geraniums on the skyscraper. When I looked at my picture more closely, I then realized that other skyscrapers were reflected in the windows. If you're familiar with New York City, you may recognize the building in the second and third window reflections. It's the famous Flatiron building on Fifth Avenue. You can see another picture of the building in my post at

I'm contributing my photograph to a creative site, where only pictures with reflections can be submitted: Weekend Reflections at I'm also participating in the Weekly Top Shot challenge at another great site, The View From Right Here at My haiku is for the lovely site, Haiku Heights at, where this week's prompt is "lock." Summer is near: time to unlock the windows and breathe in the fresh air!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Green Spaces

Today, I'd like to take you for a tour of beautiful green spaces at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hills, New York. This luscious countryside is only 25 miles from Manhattan, and I went for a lovely walk on a sunny day this week. The theme at Friday My Town Shoot Out! at today is the Rule of Space. This is a photography rule that suggests a more pleasing image can be created by giving the subject space in which to move. I experimented taking photographs of green space here by following as well as breaking the rule of space (and I couldn't resist the pun!). The first photo is the main building with a stone facade (hence the name, Stone Barns), which has been turned into an elegant restaurant, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, located here and also in Manhattan. I placed the building to the left of the photograph and on a diagonal, so that more green space would be visible on the right, and there would be a sense of movement walking towards the building.

The second photograph is an image of the entrance to the court yard, which has a lovely red brick pavement. The entrance "tunnel" is open ended and made of stones and wood. I took the picture from this angle, so that the opening frames the countryside and creates space and a sense of perspective. Not to mention, there is a great coffee shop here!

The third photo is a panoramic view of the countryside, which I took as I was walking up the hill. There is a gorgeous stone wall all along this path. I took the photo slightly from an above angle, placing the tree on the left so that a larger view of the green space is visible.

As I was walking up the hill, I ran into three lovely ladies who were horseback riding. I took the photo as they were riding along the path, about to make a turn, but I centered them within the space. Because they are looking at the scenery in front of them, the viewer of the photograph is naturally drawn into looking that way, too. So space is created in front of the subject and you can enjoy the lovely green space over the hills.

Here, I broke the rule of space as I wanted to create a sense of movement away from the scenery as the lady is riding further into the woods. It's also a close-up shot with a blurry effect so that the subject and horse blend into the natural surroundings. How lovely, riding off into the sunrise! Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!