Friday, April 27, 2012

Small Town USA

Welcome to my hometown, Pleasantville! It's a charming small town, a suburb of New York, in Westchester County. It's only 31 miles from New York City and has about 7,000 residents. It was settled in 1695 and is a very family-friendly town with wonderful people. We love it here! This is our town clock on Washington Avenue in the village, where there are many nice little shops and great restaurants. I'm contributing my photo to Friday My Town Shoot Out!! at,  where today's theme is "town clocks." And there it is, the Pleasantville clock! I think it rocks!

This is my favorite coffee shop on Wheeler Avenue, which is right across from the train station. I usually get a nice cup of hot chocolate in the morning before I walk across the street to catch my train to New York City. Young people especially love this spot and like to hang out in this area of the village. As you can see in the window reflection, a young girl is reading and listening to music, and two kids on the street are ready to go skateboarding! I also love the flowers in the coffee cans on the little tables outside of the coffee shop. I'm contributing my street scene to Walk in New York at

This is our Church on Bedford Avenue. I like this close-up shot which shows the brick facade, stained glass windows and pointed roof with crosses that look like stars in the sky. A very quaint Church in a wonderful community of lovely people!

This is my neighborhood! All the houses in Pleasantville look very pretty and are well maintained with wonderful landscaping. It's very tranquil and picturesque and we love walking around town. In this picture, there are beautiful white and red azalea shrubs right on the street where we live. I'm contributing my photo to Floral Friday Fotos at, where each week gorgeous flowers are showcased.

This is the street right around the corner from where we live. I like the way the sunlight is shining through the tree, the path, and the little black iron fence. A picture of serenity!

And this is a close-up shot of the red azaleas on our street. I took this shot at around 5:00 PM today, and the sun was hitting the azaleas just right that they look like they are glowing. This photo is straight out of the camera, and I like the way it looks kind of dreamy and painterly, a little artistic, don't you think? I'm contributing this photo to Pixel Dust Photo Art at

Lastly, I'm so happy to share that I've made lots of new, wonderful friends who are reading and following my blog, both in the USA and internationally. Welcome all! For the convenience of my readers in other countries, I have added a "Google Translate" gadget on the sidebar of my blog. Enjoy my photos and have a wonderful weekend, as pleasant as my ville! Greetings from Pleasantville!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Blissfully Yours

on a rainy day--
sunlit tulip memory,
blissfully within

~ ~ ~

It's been raining for the last few days, and I was just thinking that, despite outside circumstances, happiness really comes from within. Regardless of what happens in life, I can approach it with a smile and a blissful heart, in the knowledge that the sunshine is just around the corner. Tulips will blossom again, metaphorically and literally speaking!

I'm sharing my haiku with Haiku Heights at, where today's prompt is Bliss; and my photograph with  Blueberry Craft and Hobby Time at, for Favourite Photo Monday.

Have a blissful week!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Urban & Natural

What I love about New York City is the harmony between the urban and the natural. The pace of life can be really fast in the city, but the natural elements bring some peace and serenity in the mix. Let's say you're stuck in traffic in that red truck, isn't it nice to be able to admire some equally red tulips on the way? I shot this photo on my daily walk on Park Avenue to Grand Central to catch my train home after work. You can see the famous Grand Central clock in the background, framed by the tree branches.

Another natural element is water, and fountains really add a special touch and provide a place to sit and relax for a while. Reflections in the water and windows of the buildings are soothing. Also, containers with flowers bring in some color, and trees add perspective and soften up the lines of the skyscrapers. It makes for a lovely walk!

How about a bit of gold in a blue sky and white blossoms on a tree juxtaposed to these majestic buildings? It looks like the tree is reaching out to the skyscrapers, wanting to make friends. I took this shot sitting comfortably at Madison Square Park on my lunch break. I looked up and this is what I saw: blooms, steel, glass, and gold like sunshine.

On a Sunday morning, it's great to get a little exercise by going for a jog in the park. How delightful as you pass by a field of daffodils. The building in the background has an interesting architecture with arched doors and windows, facing the trees. 

And why not have a nice Sunday brunch outdoors sitting on a comfortable couch with your friends or loved ones? The urban and the natural blend in so nicely in the city, I think I'll sit down and stay a while. Enjoy my photos and let some serenity in throughout your day! This is my favorite of the 5 photos. What's your favorite?

I'm linking my photos to Walk in New York at for some urban appeal; and to A Rural Journal at for a view of the countryside. Please visit these sites to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Friday, April 20, 2012


a chance encounter--
new beginning, roses and silk

~ ~ ~

Serendipity is one of my favorite words. It's all about happy surprises, lovely coincidences, or unexpected turn of events that brighten the day. It can be as simple as the scent of a white rose, or life changing as a new beginning. In my haiku, I describe serendipity as a new chance in life and I illustrate it with a photo of my wedding picture frame on my dresser. I placed a white rose on the dresser so that its image is reflected in the mirror of the picture frame. The folds of my silk wedding dress are like the folds of the white rose petals. A reflection within a reflection--serendipity! As you can tell, I'm quite the romantic type, and in fact, Serendipity is one of my favorite movies, too!

I'm linking my haiku to Haiku Heights at where today's prompt word is "serendipity." I'm linking my photo to Pixel Dust Photo Art at where today's prompt is "new life." Also, I'm linking my photo to Floral Friday Fotos at where flowers are showcased each week. Please visit these sites for beautiful poetry, art, and photos.

Enjoy my photo and haiku, and may there be serendipity in your day!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Simply Wonderful

life's little wonders--
pink and white blooms in the sky,
sun peeking through clouds

~ ~ ~

sun peeking through clouds--
i wonder, can you hear me
whisper to the sky?

~ ~ ~

whisper to the sky--
pink and white blooms in a vase,
simply wonderful

~ ~ ~

Today, I had so much fun taking this photo and writing haiku to it! I'm contributing the haiku to Haiku Heights at, where the prompt for today is wonder. I just love this word, "wonder," and the different meanings it can have: 1) a feeling of awe or admiration; or 2) a feeling of puzzlement or curiosity. I wrote a set of three haiku in a 5-7-5 syllabic form, and this time, I tried a cascading haiku, where the last line of each haiku is repeated and starts the next haiku. I explored both meanings of the word "wonder," and it was truly a wonderful creative experience!

A little about the photo: there are many beautiful trees in bloom on the street where we live. I can see them from my sun room window and I decided to experiment and take photos  from different angles. I tried several shots, and then I stood under a tree and looked up, and this is what I saw! It inspired me to write the haiku about blooms in the sky and the wonder of it all. I'm contributing my photo to Blueberry Craft and Hobby Time at for the "Favourite Photo Monday." Enjoy and don't forget to look up--you never know what wonders you'll see!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sunflowers and Friends

sunflowers in hand
as we greet with a warm hug,
forever best friends

~ ~ ~

bench in the garden
as we share a cup of tea,
memories and smiles 

~ ~ ~

sun comes out inside
as we spend the afternoon,
butterflies nearby

This is my contribution to Haiku Heights at where the prompt today is warmth. I wrote a set of three haiku in a 5-7-5 syllabic form on friendship, using sunflowers as a metaphor. In my photo, I wanted to highlight the warmth of yellow sunflowers near other elements--wood, brick, tile. I'm contributing my photo to Floral Friday Fotos at and Pixel Dust Photo Art at

I'm blessed to have great friends both near and far, and I'm grateful to have made even more wonderful friends since I started this blog. I find this community very supportive, and I look forward to make more friends here as we all share our thoughts, poetry, photos, and art. May friendship shine like a sunflower!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Seashore Haiku

boat on clear waters
approaching seashore at last
open arms back home 

~ ~ ~

mountain meets ocean
breaking waves in a vast blue
sand in my sandals

~ ~ ~

walking on white beach
sunlit in shades of pure gold  
sea shells whispering

~ ~ ~

This is my contribution to Haiku Heights at for the haiku challenge. The prompt today is seashore. I just wrote a series of three haiku in a 5-7-5 syllabic form. These haiku were written from my heart and soul and memoir. The first photograph was taken from a ferryboat on the Mediterranean Sea on a recent trip to Italy. I have a deep connection to the Mediterranean Sea, which brings me immense joy. The second photo is my favorite  beach in Salerno, Southern Italy. I'm contributing the photos to Blueberry Craft and Hobby Time at  for the Favourite Photo Monday. What a great way to start the week with memories of summer! Enjoy the haiku and the ocean views!

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Rainbow in the Garden

A lot of my lovely viewers enjoyed my previous post showing a fountain in NY with a rainbow at So today, I'd like to show you the fountain in full view and its beautiful surroundings in Madison Square Park. What I like about the first picture is the scene with the mother and son pointing at the rainbow in the water in amazement. They must have been as excited as I was to have spotted it! This is a very popular place in the park, and many people gather around the fountain and enjoy the view of the Empire State building in the distance. The Empire State looks dreamy today among a bit of clouds, as if it were floating in the sky. I'm contributing this photo to Walk in New York at

The second photo is a close-up shot of one of the beautiful containers with flowers around the fountain. These containers are just gorgeous filled with many colorful, smaller flowers and pink tulips in the middle. I like the way the tulips meet the fountain in the picture. I love gardening and the key to arranging flowers in a container is to have lots of flowers with different textures on the bottom for fullness, taller blooms in the middle to create height, and a bit of cascading greenery on the side. Lovely! I'm contributing this photo to Floral Friday Fotos at

The third photo zooms in on the flowers in the container so you can enjoy a view of the smaller flowers, the different textures and colors. They are very delicate and pretty in pink! I like the interesting round shapes of the red and white flowers on the right, kind of spiky and fun. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a garden covered with a mantel of these cheerful little flowers, or perhaps along the path leading to the door of your home, welcoming you inside! I'm contributing this photo to Pixel Dust Photo Art at

Lastly, on a joyful note, I'd like to wish everyone a peaceful and happy Holiday weekend! No matter which Holiday you celebrate, may it be full of wonder and amazement!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mystic Fountain

I've been taking a lot of pictures of flowers and fountains this week, and today I tried something a little different. I was shooting this fountain in NY from different angles, and suddenly a rainbow formed in the water. This picture is straight out of the camera, without any special effects. A full view of the fountain and the beautiful gardens around it is at The picture inspired a poem, which I'm linking to Poetry Jam at The prompt this week is "tools," and the photo gave me an idea to make my poem about spiritual tools, such as hope and faith. I'm also linking the photo to Our World Tuesday at I'm so happy to share that there are rainbows in my world today. May there be rainbows in yours, too! Enjoy the photo and the poem!

Mystic Fountain

rainbow reflection
in the fountain, a sign of hope

water cascading softly
washing away memories
of what once was

of lessons learned
wiser today than yesterday

with strength renewed
tossing a golden coin
a wish for everlasting faith