Sunday, February 19, 2012

Palm Trees Here and There

Who says there aren't any palm trees in New York City? I found them on the rooftop of a building on 5th Avenue. The picture I took in the city evokes the same feeling of rest and relaxation as the one by the pool in Southern Italy. Though in two different countries, the palm trees have a unifying effect, and the flowers and shrubbery bring nature into both settings. The clear water in the pool reflects the blue sky in the city. The palm trees look as tall as the skyscrapers, creating an effect of harmony between nature and architecture. So cozy and inviting. Why don't you sit down and stay a while?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reach for the Sky

Taking off!

I took this picture of the Chrysler building on a diagonal and it looks like it's taking off like a rocket. This was right before dusk so the lights at the top had just come on and you can see the art deco design more clearly. As you approach Grand Central Station, wow, there it is in all its majesty. It makes me want to reach for the sky. Dream, achieve. Aspire to be the best.