Friday, January 27, 2012

Silver Lining

On Cloud Nine.
It rained most of the day, and this picture fits the mood. It's a skyscraper in Pershing Square, NY, and I love the way the clouds are reflected in the building as if it were a mirror. In a dreamy sort of way. It's all about perspective. The silver lining is there ... somewhere ... metaphorically speaking. Actually, if I look closely, the top of the skyscraper does have a silver tone to it ... literally. Did you know that clouds are made up of tiny water drops and ice crystals? I didn't. I just googled it. I've always been more into philosophy than science. All I know is, if the clouds look this pretty, then let it rain.


  1. The picture is awesome! I love visiting the city- the buildings are so cool.

    1. Thanks! I took this with my phone camera!


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