Friday, December 28, 2012

Year in Review & Gift for You!

It's been a wonderful year of blogging and I have enjoyed meeting so many creative artists, poets, writers and photographers in the blogosphere! I have learned a lot from you, by viewing your work, and your comments and support have been so valuable to me. As 2012 draws to a close, I would like to show you some of my and your favorite photographs of the year. Also, in appreciation of your readership, I would like to give one of you a print, matted with a frame, of one of your favorite photographs as a gift! To participate, please leave a comment on this post and let me know your favorite photograph. You may choose from the 12 photos here or any other you like from past posts. I will have a random drawing, and the winner will be announced in January 2013!
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Let's now go for a little trip down memory lane. Links to the original posts are included for your perusal. I have chosen one post from each month.
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Silver Lining
In January, I experimented with cloud reflections of a New York City skyscraper above.

 Roses Are Red
In February, I tried my first macro photo of a flower, a rose for Valentine's Day.

New York City Street Scene
In March, I showed you the softer side of New York City, in a Spring street scene.

Small Town USA
In April, I introduced you to my small town of Pleasantville, New York, with all its charm.

Painting With Words
In May, I shared with you one of my paintings from college and poem to go with it.

In June, I showed you my romantic side with candlelight and love haiku.

Colors of Summer
In July, I shared my most favorite summer colors.

Trail to Beach
In August, I shared with you photos and poems from our New England vacation.

Crescent Moon
In September, I captured the moon and was inspired to write a poem.

Fall in Love
In October, I fell in love all over again with Fall and love itself.

And Now Snow!
In November, I tried out black and white photography as snow was falling.

In December, I posted many photos and poems of the holiday season, but the joyous celebration in nature was my favorite.
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Please leave a comment here, tell me your favorite photograph from these 12 or previous posts, and I look forward to announcing the winner in January 2013!
 Thank you all and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

White Christmas

white Christmas snowflakes-
a pine tree shines in winter light;
time for togetherness

  snow falls in the woods;
a mantel of happiness
envelops my heart

frosted country road-
a pine tree stands tall
by calm blue waters

on a winter morning-
snow sprinkles bright cheer
from a generous sky

  sparkling reindeer-
gifts of peace and love
cover the earth

on Christmas day,
snow angels bring hope-
rejoicing in harmony
~ ~ ~
What a Merry White Christmas it was today! It started snowing on Christmas Eve right before midnight, as we were heading to midnight Mass. This Christmas morning, we woke up to blue, sunny skies and snow-covered grass and pine trees. I took a wonderful walk by the lake and in the woods in the countryside of Connecticut. We spent a lovely Christmas with our family and great scenic views. Enjoy my photographs and haiku!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas in New York City

New York City is sparkling at Christmas time! Tonight, I took a stroll on Fifth Avenue to enjoy the beautiful holiday lights. The Empire State Building is lit up in gold and blue!

How about that gorgeous New York City sunset?

  Do you recognize this sparkly and bright star?

 It sits atop the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center!

The tree is surrounded by angels playing trumpets.

 Below the tree, tourists from around the world ice skate!

Colorful toy soldiers play trumpets, too.

Oh so sweet ... all I want for Christmas is chocolate.

 On Park Avenue, more lights brighten the sky.

 What a delightful stroll. Time to catch the train back home!
Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!
~ ~ ~
Wishing all my wonderful readers a joyous holiday season, full of love and hope.
~ ~ ~

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


What a beautiful December day--sunny and warm and colored with the Christmas spirit! My hometown, Pleasantville, New York, is looking very festive. I went for a little stroll today to enjoy the nice weather and take some photographs of Christmas colors. What is it about green and red that makes everything look so joyful? Our street lamps are decorated with fresh wreaths and red bows. Ribbons are undulating in the breeze. 

There is something magic about poinsettas and Christmas trees together.
The brightness, the shine, the glitter and gold. Pure joy. 

Wreaths are wonderful and easy to decorate.
All you need is a fresh wreath, cones, ornaments, a bow, and imagination.

This window display is reminiscent of childhood, isn't it?
The innocence and playfulness.

The sky was just gorgeous today, decorated by nature's colors.
Enjoy my small town charm!

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Saturday, December 1, 2012


on a wintry day,
summer blooms in my heart-
the radiance of hope

Can you tell what this image is in black and white and gradually revealed in color?

It's a red geranium that bloomed this week! I have a flower pot in my home next to a sunny spot by the window, and suddenly geraniums started to bloom again. It's been unusually warm, like an Indian summer, so this lovely flower wants to keep on giving. It's so heart-warming to have a little bit more of summer, before it starts to get really cold! December is going to be an exciting month, with lots of inspirational and holiday season related posts on my blog. Please join me as we celebrate a wonderful new season! 

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


what would happen 
if love prevailed over hate?
let's visualize

angels sing morning melodies
roses bloom in december
oh that mesmerizing scent

children play in meadows
kindness grows on trees
oh those luscious evergreens

stars sparkle every night
humanity in harmony
united not divided

changing the world
one rose petal at a time
when love prevails

~ ~ ~

Our creative friends at Poetry Jam invited us this week to share a poem on "make believe," a fantasy. Well, let's hope my fantasy becomes reality! I really enjoyed writing this poem tonight. I took this photograph in my hometown of Pleasantville, NY, tonight, too, as we had a little tree lighting ceremony in town. We had a full moon, too! To add to the fantastical effect, I added snow to my photo! What fun. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Please visit for more fantastical poetry. I'm sharing my photo with Pixel Dust Photo Art, one of my favorite digital photography art sites. Please visit for more artistic photos. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Dawn

thank you for a new day
full of possibilities,
for the chance to feel again

no matter what was yesterday,
i will start over, at dawn
the sun on my face

let it rain if it may-
i will dance to the rhythm
of raindrops on sunflowers

no matter what the day brings,
i will wake up in wonder
and anticipation

opening the window
to let hope in, new beginnings
in the endless beauty of

a thousand mornings
~ ~ ~
This week at Poetry Jam, our poetic friends challenged us to write a poem inspired by a title of a book on The New York Times Best Sellers List. My poem was inspired by the new poetry collection by Mary Oliver, entitled, A Thousand Mornings. I used the title of her book in the last line of my poem. I admire Mary Oliver's poetry for how well she expresses natural beauty with vivid images and such emotion. She has won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, and is an inspiration to me. I wanted to write a poem on gratitude, and I'm so thankful for a brand new day, each morning, and all the possibilities ahead. I took this photograph of a sunrise right near my home, which inspired my poem as well. Enjoy, and please visit for more inspiring poetry. Sharing my photo with Skywatch at, where beautiful skies abound.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fall Flavors

Every Saturday morning, I love going to our local farmer's market in our hometown of Pleasantville, NY. This morning it was especially nice in preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday. They had lots of wonderful fruits and vegetables, squash, and pumpkins. Aren't these apples pretty? Perfect just like that as a snack or to make a delicious apple pie!

Here are pumpkins in all shapes and sizes for a colorful Fall display at home.
Or the quintessential pumpkin pie!

I love pears, too! Today, they also had pear and apple cider.
Hot ciders are so comforting and warm on crisp Autumn evenings.

Little pumpkins and gourds are just so cute in baskets for lovely Fall arrangements.

And of course, Indian corn, another colorful Fall tradition.

So much to be thankful for, not only on this special holiday, but every day, I am so very grateful.
~ ~ ~
Thank you all, my lovely readers, for your support and friendship.
I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Flower Bouquet

crystal vase-
a flower turns towards the sun;
still life awakens
~ ~ ~
Today, I'm sharing with you a haiga, which is a combination of a haiku and image. This flower bouquet is on display on my dining room glass table in my sun room. I had so much fun taking pictures from different angles, and I edited the first photo to make it look painterly. The haiku was inspired by the flower as it turned towards the sun. To me, this is a metaphor for the beauty and miracle of life, to be cherished, every single day.

Here is the original photo, straight out of the camera and without any editing. One of my interests is interior design. I love decorating! I made our sunroom into a dining room. It's a simple and contemporary design with a rectangular table with a glass top and black iron chairs. In the corner, I put a bench where we can sit and enjoy the view from the large sun room windows. I love fresh flowers especially now in the Fall and then Winter when we no longer have flowers in the garden. They add so much color and beauty!

I'm sharing my haiga with Carpe Diem and Pixel Dust Photo Art, which coincidentally both had the same prompt of still life. I enjoyed this challenge so much and thank the hosts, Kristjaan and Bonnie, for coming up with this creative prompt. Please visit and for other wonderful still life creations. Enjoy this little glimpse into my home and my haiga!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Golden Forest

in all its autumn glory,
the forest glows
 with golden sparks;
trees dipped in bronze
 reflected on the lake

new discoveries within,
we walk on, hand in hand,
collecting maple leaves
later to press in a book,
turning another page, together

our hopes and dreams
 as bright as the sunset,
among nature's splendor
right here, right now,
in this autumn moment

This weekend, I went for a lovely nature walk at Rockefeller State Park Preserve in Pocantico Hills, New York. The snow from last week had melted away, and the forest was lit up in the most beautiful golden, bronze, and copper tones. There is a lake in the middle of the preserve surrounded by several trails, and the trees are reflected in the water. I loved taking pictures there. It's a great place for a romantic autumn walk!

Golden red maple leaves by the lake.

 A mallard swimming in the lake. See its reflection in the water?

One of the many trails in auburn tones. See the shadows of the trees?

Cherry tree by the lake. A pop of red and gold.

More golden tones by the hiking trails.

And, of course, the sunset! I couldn't leave this beautiful nature preserve without capturing some sun rays. Enjoy this lovely walk in the woods!

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