Saturday, October 18, 2014

a misty autumn afternoon

even a cloudy day in October
comes to life with vibrant colors
as leaves fall like rain from the sky

who knew raindrops could be
golden, amber, crimson, landing
gently, returning to earth, one by one

can you hear the rustling, crunching
beneath your feet, can you see sunrays
at last breaking through the fog?

across the tree tops, remnant of green
memories of summer still close
to the heart, learning to let go

a path leading deeper into the woods
where all is quiet with the bliss
of solitude, away from the frenzy

there is no rush here, no rush at all
nowhere to go in particular
but just be and take it all in

the fresh air, embracing change
with open arms, as you catch
a fragile leaf onto your palm

I spent some time this afternoon walking through the woods, which I find to be meditative and relaxing, away from the stress of everyday life. It seems that life is always so fast paced and filled with constant change, but there are times when I just want to be and not rush around so much. Even in the midst of Autumn changes, nature is still peaceful and graceful, yet moving forward. I can definitely learn from that gracefulness, as I move forward in my own life. Hope you're enjoying the beauty of Autumn and all it can teach us about patience!
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Saturday, October 11, 2014

meet me at the mountain top

meet me at the mountain top where dreams come true
we've come this far -- don't look back now
the climbing is hard but oh how worth is the view
can you touch the sky -- don't give up now
colors have changed and so have you
bold as hills, fluid as rivers -- don't lose hope now
the climbing is hard but oh how worth is the view
meet me at the mountain top where dreams come true

This is Bear Mountain in NY overlooking the Hudson River. The scenic view is beautiful especially now in the Fall with the foliage changing colors. I took these photographs from a designated area on a curvy road at the top of the hill where people can stop and admire the view. I have never gone mountain climbing but the view is certainly inspiring as a metaphor to strive to achieve our dreams. I hope it inspires you, too! 
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn Reflections

there is a certain comfort in knowing
you are here to share with me
even the simple pleasures-
the ordinary becomes extraordinary
when seen through the eyes of love

let's celebrate everyday beauty
the colors and flavors of Autumn-
the foliage is turning deep golden & crimson
and we are changing, growing
still falling
still falling

freshly picked apples in the morning light
basketful of bounty, plenty of smiles
cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar
and more sweetness-
apple pie crust

oh, maybe a little too crispy
but I'm learning to smooth the rough edges
go with the flow, face the sun-
be patient like the apple tree
for the fruits of my labor to manifest

and we like it just the same
this messy apple pie
called life-
perfect in its imperfections
baked with unconditional love

Hello, dear friends! I hope you're enjoying the beauty of Autumn. We went apple picking last weekend on a farm in the New York countryside. It was a beautiful sunny day and the fields of apple trees were amazing with such a great variety of green and red apples. We picked so many apples that we gave some away to friends. I also made an attempt at baking my first apple pie. Not bad for a first try, but I need to practice some more! Well, I still have plenty of apples. Enjoy my poem and photographs inspired by this lovely Fall outing. Happy Autumn!
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

moving on

there is a chill
in the air
as summer ends
like lost love
in September

fading memories
of warm embraces
and kisses
in the morning

where have the colors gone?

in black and white
sunrays are still
piercing through
glass hearts
illuminating the soulful

yearning for closure

and closeness again
in a new season
the streets are wide open
step by step
letting go of shadows

moving on

I had fun taking a couple of photos in New York City in black and white. Though it was a bit cold, it was sunny enough that some interesting shadow patterns were cast on the streets. People are always on the go in such a fast-paced city and I tried to capture the movement. This gave me an idea for a poem about moving on.
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Enjoy and have a lovely weekend! xx
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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sunflowers in the Sky

let me make you a blanket of hope
the color of sunflowers in a summer field
as warm as sunshine, as soft as grass

every stitch labored with gentle hands
to hug you on a cold winter day
to lift you up, envelop you in love

keep it close to your heart
to carry you forth into your dreams
awakening to a better tomorrow

My dear friends, I hope you're enjoying the last few weeks of summer. On a weekend drive, I came across this beautiful field of sunflowers. Of course, I had to stop and take pictures! The sunflowers were so tall they looked like they could touch the sky.

I've been busy making blankets for charity for orphaned children. Here is a close-up picture of my crochet work in progress. The sunflower field inspired the colors ~ yellow and orange as petals and sunshine, green as grass, blue as the sky ~ I hope it will bring them comfort and warmth. My poem was inspired by it all.
~ ~ ~
Have a wonderful weekend! xx
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happiness Within

it's not tangible
nor can it be measured
by what is grasped in the confines
of the mind, for it extends,
expands by the openness of the heart

a defining moment
on a summer afternoon
before the leaves start changing
too soon, basking in all that's green
and the last of the blooms

it's here, right now
for the taking, the making
not in the what if's and if only's
but in the quiet acceptance
of what is

What a glorious summer afternoon by the lake ~ all is still green and in bloom and bees are happily buzzing around. Enjoy my poem and photos and have a great weekend! xx
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Friday, August 15, 2014

let it flow

love is a river
flowing into the ocean
of hopeful hearts

oh, how it ripples
waves of happiness
along the way

washing away fragments
of the past, purifying
the present moment

its rocky currents
smoothed by
streams of understanding

let it flow
until it cleanses
the stains of hate

These are pictures I took by the Hudson River in Piermont, New York, a lovely river town. I'm fascinated by the romanticism and symbolism of rivers. So I was inspired to write this poem. Let love flow! We need it desperately in such troubled times around the world.

Have a peaceful weekend, flowing with love! xx
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Friday, August 8, 2014

The Joys of Summer

I wish I could take the flavors & colors
of summer and bottle them up in a fancy
perfume vessel to spray on a rainy day

to fill the air with the songs of hummingbirds
the freedom of kites & butterflies into the wind
the scent of sunflowers and freshly cut grass

the taste of chocolate ice cream, strawberries
sunshine & picnics, the whimsy of sand castles
the quiet strength of early morning light

the wonderment in a child's innocent eyes 
and best of all, your smile, your tender words
because this fleeting moment is all I have

I long to capture it, treasure it forever
sprinkle a little happiness in this world
where what matters most is often forgotten

Hello dear friends, I hope everyone is having a lovely summer! I haven't posted on my blog in a while but I've actually been writing a lot of poetry on my Google+ page and developing a site there. If you're on Google+ you can read my poems and see more of my photographs at  Loredana Donovan Google+ Posts. I will still post on my blog and continue to visit you as I enjoy the friendships I've made over the past couple of years with such wonderful fellow bloggers. Wishing everyone a great weekend! xx
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fields of Sunshine

i am walking through fields of sunshine
where love resides amidst tall grasses
and hope rises from yellow blooms

sadness no longer lives here
it flew away to distant shores
leaving a blue sky behind

all i hear is a bird's song
radiating notes of joy
across the land

a black and white world
shines brightly again
when touched by love

I went for a lovely nature walk on a beautiful and sunny summer day. I enjoyed taking photographs of the landscape and flowers in bloom. I had fun with black and white and color images, all of which inspired my poem. I was able to capture a picture of a bird, which makes me happy, as he was about to fly away! If anyone recognizes the bird, let me know the name. Wishing everyone a peaceful and wonderful weekend! xx
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The ex poet

After the break-up, she started collecting poetry books to fill the void. Anything she could get her hands on from classic to modern--Yeats, Frost, Wordsworth, Blake, Basho, D.H. Lawrence, E.E. Cummings, Angelou, Oliver--you name it. But the one poetry book she could not bring herself to read again was a collection of love poems by Neruda. Her ex had given her a copy for Valentine's Day when they were still together, signed "I love you forever." After he left her, she shredded that book into a million pieces in a fit of emotions ranging from regret to sadness. And now there she was in yet another bookstore, a copy of Neruda's love poems staring her in the face. She wondered if such love truly existed, the way Neruda described it, a master at romantic writing. Or maybe it was just poetry. Just beautiful poetry. She left the bookstore empty handed, but the love poems would always be in her heart.
~ ~ ~
such beautiful words
vaporizing into the sky-
empty promises

I'm back from vacation and catching up on my favorite blogs. Besides spending a lot of time on the beach, suntanning, I love browsing through bookstores. I was looking through the poetry section and noticed the book by Neruda, which sparked the idea for my fictional haibun (combination of prose and haiku). In reality, I actually bought the book and love it! Sometimes life imitates art or is it art imitates life? Enjoy and thank you for your sweet comments while I was away!
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