Saturday, March 28, 2015


peace is a seed
let it spread, let it spread
among those in need
so that war may cease
inner turmoil, recede
let it fly, let it fly
on the wings of Spring
let peace arrive
let it stay, let it stay

Happy Palm Sunday to those who celebrate it.
May there be Peace on Earth!
~ ~ ~
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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dream Petals

under a magnolia tree
where i stood
my past & future
laid at its roots
if only i could
plant dreams
i would
watch them bloom
i should
let petals fall on me
where i stood
under a magnolia tree

~ ~ ~

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Violet Rain

violet rain
keeps on falling


the universe within
each droplet

petal by petal


even raindrops
have a purpose


bringing forth
a new beginning

~ ~ ~

It's been raining nonstop all day and the snow is melting.
No violets yet but they will be here soon!

~ ~ ~
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

View From the Top

It was a cold day in March as he looked out the window at the long stretch of city streets intersecting like  a grid of memories.  The view reminded him of a vintage postcard, arriving  unexpectedly with greetings of long ago from forgotten voices.
    From his penthouse, he could see Park Avenue all the way down to 42nd Street. He opened the window, taking in the grayness of winter air and cement.  People were getting in and out of cabs, walking in opposite directions, going somewhere or nowhere at all. But he had made it to the top, and there he was admiring the view--alone. Stuck in the past in sepia colors.
     He closed the window and put his coat on. Soon he was out on the street, merging with the crowd, blending in, no one to meet but his own shadow. He saw a homeless person sitting in the corner, someone he would usually avoid. He was a young man, drawing artwork on pieces of cardboard with colored crayons. But this time he stopped and told him he liked his drawings and that he thought he had a future as an artist.
     He stopped at the cafe where he had breakfast every morning and got a cup of coffee and a toasted buttered bagel. He went back to give them to the homeless person to help him warm up and talked to him about finding shelter and getting help. He then got into a yellow cab  on his way to work and suddenly the city took on myriad colors and he felt less alone.
    From that day forward, he stopped every morning to talk to the homeless man and bring him gifts. Sometimes, it would be breakfast. Another time, a set of colored pencils for his drawings. Yet another, a sketchbook, so he wouldn't have to draw on cardboard. And sometimes, just a hello and a smile.
     Until one day, the homeless young man was gone and he was filled with such sadness, not knowing what had happened to him. Months went by and he resigned himself that he would never see him again. And then a summer morning, he went to the usual cafe to get breakfast and the man behind the counter, serving coffee, was the former homeless person.
    "This coffee is on me," he said. "Thank you for believing in me." And he pointed to the wall, where one of his drawings was hanging among others for sale. It was a sketch of the street corner where he used to sit, and a flower had sprouted from the cement.

~ ~ ~
Something a little different for you today. This is flash fiction, a genre of writing I'm experimenting with lately. I took the photo from a building overlooking Park Avenue in NYC. Enjoy!
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Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Bird's Song

I heard a bird sing-
could it be the promise of Spring?
He left me long ago,
he left me cold-
took flight at sunset
like lost love
away to rainbow skies-
my heart withered
in the absence of his sunshine.

And now he's back
tapping on my window,
teasing me with musical notes

I imagine Chopin in the garden
playing a prelude-
you and I slow dancing
like yellow daffodils,
and my heart blooms again
it blooms every time
I hear a bird sing,
it is your voice I hear-
could it be the promise of Spring?

Today, I heard a bird sing outside my window, and it inspired my poem! It is still singing as I write. The pictures were taken earlier in Winter when I saw a flock of birds take flight at sunset. Isn't the birds V-formation amazing? Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend! xx

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's Snowing Again

It's snowing again
and I ...
curl up with Yeats, Frost, Neruda
leafing through pages
of old poetry books
verses of love lost and found
roads not taken
scent of pine trees
snowflakes as whip cream
on hot chocolate
a blanket, inside and outside
envelops me in black and white
I seek warmth in your words
homemade soup
a roaring fire
and I ...
fall asleep in frosty dreams
in your arms

My dear friends, this is the coldest winter ever! It snows nearly every day and I love it and yet I sigh! Wishing you warmer days ahead! xx
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Saturday, February 14, 2015


i dream of roses
in a summer garden
softly whispered
words of everlasting love
a path of fallen petals
leading the way home
i dream of you and me
hand in hand


hand in hand
i dream of you and me
leading the way home
a path of fallen petals
words of everlasting love
softly whispered
in a summer garden
i dream of roses

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~ ~ ~
Happy Valentine's Day!
Wishing you love each and every day! xo

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Beauty Reflections

It was only the beginning of February, but Spring fashions were already displayed in every store window on Fifth Avenue in NYC. Not anything she could afford or even dream about wearing in less than 0 sizes. But those perfectly dressed mannequins were not real. They never shed any tears, never fell in or out of love, never had any trouble fitting into a pair of jeans. They never laughed either; neither did they experience joy. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the window and smiled, glad to be a real woman in the real world.

true beauty
resides inside-
reflecting  outward

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A contemporary haibun (combination of prose and haiku) for you today. Enjoy! xx

Friday, January 30, 2015

Opening New Doors

come on, let's see what lies
   beyond the open door
venturing into the unknown
   taking a


   of faith

no longer stuck in the past
   at last, trying something grand

not just merely surviving, but
   living to the fullest, thriving

unlock your heart
   let love in-
sweet surprises await
around the corner

stepping out
of the comfort zone
of yourself
a brave new world

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Yesterday, I was trying to come up with an idea for my weekend post. As I stepped into Grand Central Station to catch my train home, I decided to take pictures of the Grand Central Market, which looks very festive with Valentine's goodies at the moment. The first picture shows the doors of the market overlooking Lexington Avenue. As I was taking the photograph, one door closed and another one opened. And voila', that's how I got the idea for the poem! Inspiration is everywhere, don't you think? And speaking of being inspired, I want to take a moment to thank my blogger friend Athira who blogs at It's Raining Words for giving me "The Very Inspiring Blogger Award." Thanks, Athira! Have an extra sweet weekend, everyone! xx

Saturday, January 24, 2015

heart of winter

heart of winter
will you melt away, turn
     shades of gray
into lavender skies-
blue eyes cold as ice, warm
     up to me again

plant a seed of love
on this barren landscape
     give me sunrises
the color of purple irises-
the taste of honey
     and liquid sunsets

i want cinnamon mornings
and nights of belonging
     to the stars and you

~ ~ ~
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My dear friends, I hope you're staying warm! It's been cold in NY, though not as cold as last winter. This is only our third snow storm so far. I've been busy at work and enjoying my poetry and photography hobbies. Tonight I was inspired to write a poem about winter as a metaphor for unrequited love. I always look forward to my weekend post and visiting my favorite bloggers and poets! Have a great week ahead! xx